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Our Company Earns Coveted HTA Luxury Certification

Our Company Earns Coveted HTA Luxury Certification

Upgrade Your Maui, HI Home With A Certified Smart Home Installer

The Pacific Audio and Communications team is pleased to announce that the Home Technology Association (HTA) has distinguished our company within the high-end space by awarding us an HTA Luxury certification. HTA Certification elevates standards of professional excellence for smart home installer firms, and we’re proud to have obtained this level of certification. This accomplishment reinforces our ability to provide a higher standard of service for our Maui, Hawaii customers.

When you trust a company to enhance your home, the installation firm you choose directly impacts your quality of life. The HTA, an objective, third-party organization, guides homeowners to the most trustworthy, technically capable, and customer-focused integrators. When you hire a company who has been evaluated and certified to meet the HTA’s stringent standards in luxury living, you are guaranteed to get home technology that you will enjoy for years to come. Keep reading to find out how this certification benefits our customers.


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