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How Building Automation Helps You Renovate Older Construction

How Building Automation Helps You Renovate Older Construction

Modern Convenience and Classic Style

Oahu is full of beautiful construction. It’s the perfect place to start building, but it’s also a place that should be preserved.

There’s no need to tear everything down and start again when you can renovate a classic building and bring it into the 21st century.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the smart ways you can revive old buildings with modern technology – from wireless solutions to whole building automation!

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Building Network

The first step in any building revival is integrating a network. The network is like the backbone of all automation, so you can get the most out of anything you add later.

In most cases, a hardwired fiber-optic network will ensure the greatest success. Fiber-optics are high-bandwidth cables, which allow for high speeds and large signal transfer, which makes moving information like 4K video easy.

Other times, you can’t drill through a wall or otherwise modify the space, so a wireless network is essential. If that’s the case, building a mesh network will help give you the coverage you need.

Mesh networks don’t work like traditional wireless networks. In a normal network, one device – the router – broadcasts the signal throughout the space, potentially leading to dead spots.

A mesh network, on the other hand, consists of nodes placed throughout the space that generate their own signal, and strengthen the ones nearby.

That way, users won’t have any issue enjoying Wi-Fi access.

Essential Building Automation

In a renovated space, including essential pieces of technology will help the building manager keep costs low and run efficiently.

One major way to do that is through lighting. LED helps you enjoy energy-efficient lights that don’t need frequent replacing, LED use up to 80 percent of the energy used to light them – unlike incandescent bulbs that burn off most energy as heat.

That means they run cooler and last longer.

Additionally, HVAC control will help ensure the building manager isn’t cooling spaces they don’t need to. That will help keep energy costs down.

Energy management software helps keep track of all real-time energy expenditures, so it’s easy to make real-time adjustments to your system.


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