Team Members

Pacific Audio & Communications has been in business since 1991. We have offices on Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island. Our team has over 200 yrs of combined industry experience.

Phil Mulligan


Phil’s fascination with everything high voltage began early in his life. He started apprenticing at his father’s electrical contracting company while he was in junior high school. After studying electrical engineering at the University of Portland, Phil returned to Maui and obtained his electrical contractor’s license. While wiring some of the finest homes on Maui with power, Phil realized that he could provide his clients with yet another kind of power: user-friendly home electronics. Phil started Pacific Audio & Communications in 1991, helping homeowners achieve their goal of integrated home control and entertainment systems

Patrick Mulligan

Vice-President/Chief Technical Officer

Patrick’s love for electronics began after high school when he joined the Army’s 82nd airborne division. He was a Satellite Communications Technician and dealt with multi-million dollar equipment repairs and mission critical deployments around the world. After his 4 years of service, he graduated from DeVry Technical Institute with a degree in Electronics Engineering. Soon after, he joined his brother Phil back on Maui to help run the technical and operations side of Pacific Audio & Communications. Patrick has 20 years of electronics engineering experience, with 14 of those 20 years in the electronics systems industry. Patrick has numerous industry certifications and achievements, has participated in many industry round table discussions, and has influenced many manufacturers over the years regarding what the electronic systems industry needs in order to grow. His mission-critical attitude is reflected in the way Pacific Audio & Communications runs its projects today.

Scott Greenleaf


    Scott moved to Kauai in 1970 right after his graduation from high school in Dallas, TX. Scott’s experience began in theater/entertainment where he worked in stage lighting and audio for hotels. He later joined a Polynesian visitor attraction where he designed, built and operated the stage lighting and sound systems, and special effects. In the late evenings he ran sound and lighting at various hotel “Vegas style” shows and luaus. Since coming to Kauai, Scott has also worked as a disc jockey, silk screener, photographer, record store manager, airport manager, and eventually as an outside salesman for an electrical wholesaler until October of 2001 when he joined Pacific Audio on Kauai.

    Alex Shmarev

    Lead Sales/Asst. Designer

    Alex Shmarev, landed in Kauai by chance, by luck, or maybe by just pure knowing the business he is in and the people around him. He ran his own business for smart homes, sound and security in Miami Beach. He has had clients personally fly him to Poland, because of his professionalism, character and knowledge about installation and overall best products for in home theaters, surround sound, and security. He has been in the profession for about 16 years, and constantly striving to learn more and exceed the expectation and bring the bar of excellence higher. He does this for himself and the team he works with. Alex loves the ocean and all her beauty! One big reason for moving to Kauai. The ocean is his calm. As well as the Hawaiian way, the Ohana, or family. He could feel this when he was getting interviewed for this job, and greatly resonated with his family values as well.

    Sam Butler

    Project Manager

      Sam Butler, a skilled professional in computer technology and science, is one of two, Electronics Systems Contractors. Sam moved to Kauai from California in 2011 and currently resides with his girlfriend Kelley and son Simon.  He immediately began working with PAC and has earned certifications in AV installation while working with the company and plans to continue improving his skills and understanding of computers, networks & AV technologies.

      Delcey Garma

      Office Manager

      A Business Technology major, Delcey always had a love for things that were neat and orderly. She combined her love for a tightly run office with her love for technology. Delcey’s passion is helping others get organized, keeping busy and learning all areas of work with PAC. Born and raised in Kauai, Delcey still resides there with her husband Ryan and 2 children, Kyla and Kodey. In her spare time, Delcey loves to travel with her daughter’s dance team for competitions and organize activities for her son’s cub scouts.

      Trevor Singer

      Lead Tech

        Trevor Singer, growing up in the generation that went from flip phones to touch screens, Trevor has always had a feel for expanding and understanding knowledge about technology. He is currently involved in the initial wiring process, with hopes to better understand how the system works in order to become a full-time Electronic Systems Contractor with PAC. Hard work and determination got Trevor where he is. On Trevor’s free time he enjoys body-boarding and exploring the outdoors.

        Kale Bishop

        Lead Engineer/Specifier

          Kale’s love for electronics began early when he worked with Design system LTD on oahu in the late 80’s early 90’s. He then worked as a sub for Pacific Audio in the mid 90’s before leaving to the mainland where he worked in Arizona as an integrator for a few years when the calling to come back home to Hawaii was burning, Kale rejoined us again in the late 90’s and helped open our Kona office. Now an integral part to our Hawaii operations Kale has stepped up as our lead project manager to help take us to the next level.

          Ryan King

          General Manager

            Ryan’s career started in 1987 while still in high school, wiring tract homes for security systems and NuTone intercoms. Throughout the 90’s he worked in Silicon Valley installing Dolby 2.0 surround systems and the earliest automation systems in larger estates. After a short stint doing commercial AV work he returned to luxury residential integration with Engineered Environments, becoming the first Hawaii based employee starting their Kona office in 2004 which peaked at 14 on island employees. He started King Integration with his wife Lorela in 2010 continuing to collaborate with the local design/build community until 2019. Having known Pat, Phil, and Kale as peers for many years, he decided to join forces with the PAC ohana so he could focus more on client relationships and project management. His passion is meeting clients, architects, designers, and project managers, working out a solution, then managing the project through commission to the Maintenance phase. When not wrangling remotes or designing systems, he enjoys cooking fancy meals for Lorela and occasionally driving expensive golf balls into lava rock fields, bushes, and the beautiful Pacific ocean.

            Mark Murphy

            Service Manager

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              Brandon Hammer

              PM/Lead Tech

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                Keoni Carvalho


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                  Juan Pablo Garcia-Neveu


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                    David Dillon

                    Service Manager

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                      Keano Denton

                      Lead Tech

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                        Kyle Ramey


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