4 Benefits of Installing Motorized Shades

Why Automated Window Treatments Are Superior to Manual Ones

Are you considering bringing motorized shades to your Kauai, HI living space? You might not be certain of what makes this integrated solution so appealing to other homeowners. How much more beneficial could automated shades be, compared to manual ones?

We’re here to tell you that motorized window treatments are far superior to standard drapery and shading. There is so much more that automated shades bring to the table; in this blog, we’ll show you how this smart feature from Lutron can elevate your lifestyle and whole home.

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Comfort & Convenience

With just a press of a button, you can have your shades raise or lower at your convenience. There won’t be any need to get out stools or chairs to stand on in order to reach high-up blinds or shades. If you have large, beautiful bay windows, you can simply use your device to adjust the shades with no hassle at all.

No matter where they are in your home, Lutron motorized shades can be a valuable solution for everyday use. Are you getting ready to watch a film? Press a button to have your blackout shades lower in the media room. If you’re cooking breakfast in the morning with family, you can raise your shades in the kitchen to let some sunlight in as you prepare the meal.

Want to further simplify control? You won’t have to continuously press a button at all to control your shades if you don’t want to. Schedule your shades to move at certain times of the day, depending on where the sun is in the sky. Installing photosensors can also alert your window treatments to raise or lower according to sun’s intensity. This feature can help protect your delicate furniture, flooring or antiques you have in your home.

Safety & Security

Are you going away for the weekend or a long vacation? You don’t want to leave your home looking empty and unattended. Automated shades can give your home security system a boost. You can create an “Away” scene using your motorized shades, which makes them raise and lower throughout the day – mimicking your everyday usage of them. This setup will fool burglars into thinking your home is occupied and steers them away from targeting it.

Having shades all around your home and in every room can increase the privacy in your house. Let light in through sheer shades that can still give an area a gorgeous glow while they’re lowered. This is great for a foyer or sitting room that you want to enjoy the natural lighting in without letting everyone see into your home at the same time. More opaque shading is ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms where you’d like complete privacy and can eliminate any view from a window.

Money & Energy Efficiency

Did you know shades provide amazing insulation for your entire property? If it’s cold or warm outside, your shades can keep your house cozy or cooled-off when needed. When installed, shades have a gap between the shade material and the window, which is called an “air pocket.” This design was specially engineered to help regulate your house’s internal temperature and keep your HVAC system from going into over-drive. If you have a smart thermostat, it synch up with your shades, lowering them to warm up or cool off the house when photosensors alert the system.

Every type of shade provides insulation, but honeycomb shades, in particular, are designed with built-in air pockets to do so. So whether you go with this style or a more modern roller shade, you can cut back on energy usage and lower your monthly bills. Can your manual window treatments do that? We didn’t think so.

Style & Design

Motorized shades aren’t just great for practical reasons. They can also liven up your home with stylish fabric materials and patterns that Lutron offers. Bring colorful options to a kitchen or living room, while dark, blackout shades are a must for home theaters.

Or to keep both opacities together, you can install dual shading. This is great for a multi-purpose media room where you want blackout shades during a movie viewing, but want sheer shades lowered while you’re hosting a gathering with family and friends there.

Automated shades give you the option to have the best of both worlds. You can maintain your preferred aesthetics while still bringing advantageous smart solutions to your whole home.

Want to find out more about motorized shades and their many benefits? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to learn why this smart solution would enhance your living space. We look forward to speaking with you!

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  1. Niall Jenkins October 24, 2019

    I found it beneficial that your article mentioned how motorized shades can give home security a boost by tricking potential assailants that there are people in the building. My spouse and I are looking into ways to prevent home break-ins, as where we live, we are always at risk. I’ll look into contacting a motorized shades supplier to find the right fit for us.

    • Pat Mulligan October 24, 2019

      Aloha Niall mahalo for the comments. Let us know if we can help but we are based out of hawaii.


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