An Introduction to Outdoor Lighting

An Introduction to Outdoor Lighting

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Setup with Lighting

Lighting has a way of transforming our surroundings completely, both indoors and outside. As you find yourself at home these days, you shouldn’t have to stay cooped up inside. With incredible outdoor living solutions for your Hawaii backyard and patio area, you can elevate your outside spaces in new and aesthetically pleasing ways.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the outdoor lighting basics and what they can do to brighten up your home’s exteriors. Want to find out more?

Keep reading on below!

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Set the Mood

If you want to catch up on a book on the patio, enjoy a movie night with family, or splash around in the pool in the evening, your lighting has a significant impact on the atmosphere of it all. And in the future, when you once again host parties and events – lighting can make or break the mood!

That’s why accent lighting throughout your backyard is essential. This type of lighting will elevate all your surroundings and give the whole environment a boost. Different colored LED lighting fixtures can liven up the pool area, outdoor spa, and patio seating areas. Easily switch which colors are on at different times and create scenes for different seasons and events.

Lights can brighten up pathways, showcase the garden, and add elegance to your outdoor spaces with hanging lights or wall sconces.

Scheduled Lighting

Landscape lighting that matches the sun setting and rising is both pleasing to the eye and relaxing for you no matter what you’re doing outside. You can set your lights to dim and turn off completely as the sun rises in the mornings, just as your lights can intensify once the sun begins to set.

Either timed scheduling or installed photosensors can have these fixtures automatically respond and activate without you ever having to lift a finger. You can leisurely enjoy a pool day and have your lights react and brighten up your outdoor spaces while never getting out of the water.

Professional Installation

Our team at Pacific Audio & Communications is here for every step of your outdoor lighting installation. We can ensure every fixture and product is placed and installed properly and with your design and architecture in mind. Lighting will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your outdoor systems, combining Lutron and Crestron solutions so that your smart home functions the same inside and out.

With durable, weather-proof equipment, you’ll never have to worry that your lighting will give out or get damaged from a rainstorm or extreme temperatures. Your fixtures are in it for the long-haul and will operate as usual each sunrise and sunset, as they should.

Want to find out more about outdoor lighting for your backyard? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. PAC is ready to assist you with all your needs!

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