Looking for A Stylish Home Audio Gift this Holiday?

Looking for A Stylish Home Audio Gift this Holiday?

The B&W
Formation Suite Has the Design and Performance to Wow Your Favorite Audiophile

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for an audiophile, sometimes it gets a little challenging. Audiophiles love excellent sound quality wherever they listen – in their car, from their headphones, from a portable speaker, and certainly from their home audio system.

Sometimes audiophile gear is not the most aesthetically pleasing. It can be imposing and bulky. There’s quite a bit of so-called lifestyle audio equipment available now, but much of it doesn’t meet audiophile performance standards.

One company set out to change that. Bowers and Wilkins is well known in audio circles for its superb speakers. Recently it introduced the Formation Suite, a fresh take on home audio, deftly blending the latest wireless technology, beautiful design, and high performance into one stylish line of audio equipment.

Is the Formation Suite the perfect home audio gift for your picky audiophile in Kailua Kona, Hawaii? Read on to find out.

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Wireless High Fidelity

Even audiophiles are keen on the convenience of great audio without wires. B&W set out to build a system ready for today’s wireless world. The Formation Duo speaker set is a powered, wireless speaker system that sets up in minutes through its companion smartphone app. It supports high-resolution 96hz/24bit streaming, connects via Wi-Fi, and integrates Apple Airplay2, Spotify Connect, Roon, and Bluetooth to stream from practically any digital music source effortlessly.

The Duo is a complete high-performance system. The speakers feature 6.5-inch Continuum cone bass/midrange drivers like their counterparts in the B&W 800 Diamond line and are powered by a 125-watt amplifier in each speaker. Frequency response is an amazing 25hz-33khz, as this is a full-range system.

Should you require more bass, there is a matching wireless, dual-driver subwoofer – the Formation Bass – that can deliver the deepest musical bass notes and low-frequency effects from movie soundtracks.

All the Formation speaker line connects via a patented, reliable, low-latency wireless mesh network. This network ensures that stereo pairs, subwoofers, and surround speakers stay in perfect synchronization, and each speaker daisy chains to the other to eliminate any network dropouts.

The Formation Bar

Formation is a complete system, and B&W did not leave out audiophiles who watch shows and movies. The Formation Bar has nine optimized drive units to create an immersive soundstage for music and movies. The artful design makes it a perfect complement to your sleek wall-mounted flat-panel TV. You can add the Formation Bass subwoofer and the smaller Flex speakers to complete a stylish 5.1 audio setup. All of course, with no wires.

The Formation Wedge

For a speaker that doesn’t look like a speaker, the Formation Wedge brings wireless hi-fi to any room in the house. It features the same connectivity and easy setup of all the Formation speakers and delivers powerful stereo from a single enclosure, which includes an integrated subwoofer. Because of the proprietary mesh network, it’s a cinch to synchronize multiple Wedges and other Formation speakers into a whole-home audio system in minutes.

Audiophile Sound Quality

Specifications and design aside, how does the Formation series perform? Reviewer Andrew Robinson of Home Theater Review said that the Formation Duo is “simply incredible in every respect,” and compared their performance favorably to B&W’s top of the line 800 Diamond series. That’s a ringing audiophile endorsement.

The modular Formation Series makes a great gift for this holiday or any time of year. Call us at (808) 938-1321, find us online, or click on that chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser to connect. We look forward to serving you.

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