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Commercial Integration

Your business is more productive and simpler to operate when all your technology and subsystems work together with easy user control. In the morning pressing a single “Daytime” button to deactivate the alarm system, turn lights on, open shades, set temperature, and turn on video displays. By integrating everything from your audio, video, lights, window treatments, climate, and security you have complete and easy control of your space from a single touch screen, keypad, remote or mobile device.

Lighting Control

In addition to setting the perfect mood, a PAC Lighting Control System can also make your home safer, more convenient and more efficient. For example, an “Entertain” button on a PAC Lighting Control System can automatically adjust all exterior and interior lights, even set your music system to a desired level and open selected window coverings. At the end of the evening, a simple button press ensures that all lights in the home are adjusted to the levels you desire. “Simply.” Elegant.

Home Automation

Home Systems Integration is essentially the process of linking the home’s various subsystems – Lighting, Security, Air Conditioning, Entertainment and Telecommunications – together to allow them to communicate with one another. Imagine a convenient, intuitive touch panel from which you can quickly and easily control the lights, air conditioning, security and music. Now imagine being able to access those controls from anywhere in the home, or anywhere in the world via an Internet browser.

Hawaii’s Premier Electronic’s Systems Integration Firm Since 1991

In this age of rapid advancements in technology, homeowners need a resource to rely upon to help them to determine their home’s technology needs. PAC e-Design fulfills that need. It is an innovative approach to residential electronic systems design, engineering and documentation. This highly specialized service enables our clients to move beyond pre-configured systems into the realm of truly custom residential electronic systems. PAC e-Design provides for the proper selection of electronic systems for the home by guiding homeowners through the sometimes bewildering maze of technologies to arrive at a comprehensive, detailed, electronic systems design that will simply and elegantly enhance their home and lifestyle.

We guide homeowners through the maze of technologies to arrive at a comprehensive, detailed, electronic systems design that will simply & elegantly enhance their home & lifestyle.

We now offer online and phone tech support.

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7 days week with a 30 minute response time. At PAC Hawaii, we recognize that access to friendly, helpful, and capable support is foundational for any technology experience.

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