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Bring your smart home dreams to fruition with one-touch control of your entire estate from an intuitive touch panel, custom-engraved keypad, smartphone or by voice activation. Crestron automation and control reveals your home's true potential with programmed scenes that instantly adjust your lights, shades, thermostat, audiovisual electronics, security system and more—all at the lift of a finger.

Crestron Home How to:

Playing music throughout your home or different music in every room is a breeze with the Crestron Home app.

Creston home: how to select a streaming music source (my Music or other IE pandora, Spotify etc)

Navigating your Home page, where you’ll find vital information about your home, is simple in the Crestron Home app.

The Crestron Home app gives you the ability to use your own room images. This helps you quickly confirm you’re in the right place. All it takes is a few simple steps.

With the Crestron Home app you can easily manage how you view your home, access all of your rooms, and see what’s happening in each one.

With the Crestron Home app you can quickly access all of the rooms and areas in your home and control everything in them.

The Crestron Home app was designed with simplicity in mind, starting with navigation.

With the Crestron Home app, you can easily access and control video sources throughout your home in one convenient place.

The Crestron Home app makes it simple to create TV profiles and favorites for everyone in the home.

With the Crestron Home app you can easily fine-tune lighting to set the perfect mood in any room, for any activity.

The Crestron Home app makes it easy to set the perfect temperature in every room and maximize energy savings.

It’s easy to create and edit season specific climate settings in the Crestron Home app using climate scenes.

Learn how to create new shading scenes and customize existing ones to maximize comfort in every room at every time of the day.

With the Crestron Home app, it’s easy to access and control your home security system.

Crestron gives you the peace of mind that your home is secure, whether you’re home or away. Learn how to determine the status of door locks throughout your home, and how to lock and unlock them from wherever you are.

It’s easy to create favorite rooms for quick and easy access with the Crestron Home app.

With the Crestron Home app you can take advantage of the multitasking capabilities of the iPad® tablet. This makes it easy and convenient to check up on and control your home while you’re doing other things on your iPad.

Quick Actions and Room Services enable you to globally and finely control all the systems in your home.

See the ultra-responsive, dynamic, and intuitive Crestron Home™ user experience. It’s incredibly simple to setup without any programming and simple to use. Cloud backup saves all the settings and new features are pushed to the app, so the system installed today just keeps getting better over time.

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