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A Commercial Sound System Enhances Every Outdoor Space in the Hospitality Industry

When visiting a resort in Maui, HI, we are all looking to get away for a bit and forget about daily life's usual troubles and challenges. Every space, from the spa to the restaurant, is designed to help us relax, creating an immersive setting essential to attracting new guests and keeping previous ones coming back! 

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we understand there is no better way to immerse guests in the resort experience than a commercial sound system. Whether installed indoors or across your pool and patio spaces, PAC has the brand partnerships and industry expertise to make your property sing! 

In this article, we will explore outdoor audio's role in setting the mood across a hotel or resort, enhancing every guest’s experience no matter where they are located. 

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Bring Your Venue to Life with the Power of Music

A restaurant and bar with in-ceiling speakers and flat-screen TVs.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with a Commercial Sound System

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the increasing demand for "an experience." While this has always included excellent service and outstanding food, today's customers are looking for more. They want to take a memory with them that stays long after they leave your establishment, and there’s no better way to create this than with live music.

Offering this type of entertainment makes you stand out from your competitors. Guests come to Honolulu, HI, from around the world, many hoping to embrace the laid-back Hawaiian culture and relax for a bit. Nothing sets the stage better than live local music and entertainment while dining al fresco or sitting by the pool under the stars.  

You can build your brand and boost profits by integrating the right music and entertainment. Guests tend to linger a bit, increasing purchases while enjoying the performance. To get you started, let’s explore the makings of a commercial sound system, including the all-important PA system, and how to choose the right one for your location and business.

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