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Enjoy a Luxurious Life with Home Automation

A home with an open-air floor plan and backyard with a pool and spa.

An Experienced Smart Home Company Offers the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Have you heard about the nine-story boutique hotel on Waikiki Beach, where every floor is one ultra-luxury suite? You can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean, a private jacuzzi and sauna, and a butler at your beck and call. Each suite is filled with luxury items from around the world and high-end amenities. 

It’s also a smart suite! 

Guests experience one-touch control of lighting, blinds, climate, and streaming music via intuitive touchscreens and keypads. Each guest is assigned their own profile, which lets them set their music, lighting, and temperature preferences. When they press the “Turndown” scene, the lights dim as the sconces over the beds illuminate, the temperature sets for sleep, and soft music begins playing in the bedrooms and living room. 

A life of luxury! Discover how our smart home company can help you enjoy all of this in your home or condo in Honolulu, HI. 

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Smart Home Automation Offers a Luxurious Island Lifestyle

Front of home at night with expansive yard and water features highlighted with outdoor lights.

3 of the Best Summer Smart Home Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home in Kauai

Are you still switching on your lights and looking for the right remote to control your different TVs, sound systems, and other electronics? Maybe you leave your shades partially drawn to reduce the direct glare of the sun and the damaging effects of UV rays. In the process, you may miss out on the breathtaking beauty every day on the island offers. 

Homeowners in Kauai, HI, are starting to embrace the world of home automation and the incredible conveniences it offers. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we've installed over a thousand smart home installations in Hawaii, California, and Nevada and received national acclaim for our projects. Are you ready to experience the luxurious lifestyle a smart home provides? 

Summer is the perfect time to work with a leading smart home company, creating unique and beautiful spaces to enjoy with friends and family. So, let's look at the three of the best summer smart home upgrades you can make to your Kauai home.

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Lessen Grid Reliance with Energy Consulting Services

View of the back of a well-lit open-floor plan home across their pool at dusk.

Create a More Sustainable Home and Workplace with the Help of an Energy Management Consultant

Environmental stewardship, protecting our earth through conservation and sustainable practices, is considered a vital practice in Oahu, HI. We're fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and many of us consider it our responsibility to protect it.

While some technology can harm our ecosystem, it can also act as a safeguard. The truth is, you can be eco-friendly without sacrificing your lifestyle or your profits. Are you ready to use technology to create a more sustainable home, workplace, or resort? As an energy management consultant, Pacific Audio & Communications can help. 

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Your health and long, vibrant life is the ultimate luxury, and your smart home can include the tools to keep you fit. The CDC indicates that fitness improves brain health, strengthens your bones and muscles, and keeps you flexible throughout your life. In addition, regular exercise has been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many cancers.

While the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are obvious, a home gym can become repetitive and, well, frankly, boring. Your daily requirement can fade away to other temptations without the energy and excitement pushing yourself to get in.

The recent rise of interactive equipment with classes and online competitions has proved to increase engagement. Our home audio consultant and installation technicians create an audio-visual experience that inspires and invigorates for a truly immersive gym. Continue reading to explore the possibilities in your Oahu, HI home.


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As a homeowner, you know that the potential threats to your home are numerous, from burglary to natural disasters. However, the most insidious problems are often caused by issues hidden behind walls and in out-of-sight locations. 

Water damage is extremely common, with an insurance industry estimate of 14,000 events occurring every day. Of the nearly 1 trillion gallons of water costing 2.5 billion dollars in claims, a good percentage of these are caused by leaks in pipes.

In order to protect your high-tech home investment, installing a smart water shut-off offers you peace of mind and can limit your insurance liability. So great is the threat that insurance companies are now requiring that these devices be installed in every home. Are you intrigued by how you can save your property and money in your Hawaii residence? Continue reading to learn more.


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Stunning Sound Starts With a Home Audio Consultant


The Newest Addition to Our Team Elevates Your Listening Experience to a Whole New Level

Sound is all around us; it is a critical component of our senses that provides an awareness of space and time. The process of listening is so integral that the simple act of listening to music involves nearly every region of the brain. In short, audio matters a lot.

Whether it is a home theater, dedicated listening room, or whole-home audio, we design our system with a healthy respect for its importance. Your investment in the highest quality audio for your home deserves the assurance that it is working at peak performance.  At Pacific Audio & Communications, we offer the services of a home audio consultant to take your smart home system from stunning to astounding.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities a finely tuned sound system can offer your Hawaii home listening experience? Read below to find out more. 


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