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Solutions to 3 of the Most Common Home Networking Problems

Optimize Your Network Infrastructure For Your Home Technology

We understand how essential your home network is to your lifestyle.

You access it every day, whether it’s to use your smart home technology, browse the internet or watch your favorite shows through streaming services.

When your network is underperforming, it can be a significant nuisance. We’re here to help you.

Below, we explore the solutions to three of the most common home networking problems we encounter in Oahu, Maui and throughout Hawaii.

Just keep reading to explore how you can optimize your home network today.

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1) Your Internet Access Speeds Are Slow.

It happens all too often: You’re waiting for a webpage to load and it takes far too long to appear, or you’re watching a Netflix video and it pauses halfway through to buffer.

Slow internet speeds are a nuisance to your day-to-day lifestyle, and we find it’s a constant issue for Hawaii homeowners.

So, what’s the underlying problem? It could be that your network can’t support a high amount of internet traffic from multiple devices, meaning available bandwidth is an issue.

Or maybe your network isn’t secure, allowing anyone nearby – including neighbors and passersby – to freely access your internet connection and take up your available bandwidth.

The solution is investing in a secure, password-encrypted network that can support a significant amount of simultaneous internet traffic; whether it’s from your smart home technology, mobile devices or computers.

2) You Get Spotty Wi-Fi Reception In Certain Areas.

Often, we will take on home networking projects in which the homeowner struggles to get wi-fi signal in certain parts of the property.

When we evaluate the network infrastructure, we’ll typically notice one router that provides the entire property with internet access. If this seems like a familiar issue to you, you’re not alone.

You shouldn’t expect one router to distribute wi-fi throughout your entire property thoroughly.

Instead, add wireless access points that extend internet signal to the hard-to-browse areas of your home. That way, you can enjoy high-speed wi-fi in every corner of your house.

3) You Aren’t Monitoring Your Network.

Not everyone has the time to review the status of their home network thoroughly.

But without occasionally monitoring your network, you could be missing out on critical firmware updates or threats to the well-being of your system.

That’s why Pacific Audio & Communications is here to help you. We can continually monitor your Hawaii home’s networking solution for you and ensure it’s always performing at optimal speed.

Should any threats arise, we will proactively assess and handle them for you. That way, you can sit back and enjoy your day-to-day network usage without worrying about security and infrastructure.

Interested in learning more about our professional home network installations for Oahu and Maui, Hawaii residents?

Reach out to our team of networking experts today by clicking here.

3 Ways a Stronger Network Improves Home Technology

Get faster, more reliable performance for your devices

 As more devices in your home come equipped with the ability to connect to the Internet, the strain on your home network is ever-increasing. You may have already noticed some issues already; slow browser speeds, spotty wireless coverage, and issues with streaming content are all signs of an overworked home network. If you’ve noticed any of these problems, it’s time for a home networking upgrade. Here’s a list of ways a stronger home network can improve the lives of homeowners in Maui.

 SEE ALSO: Solutions to 3 of the Most Common Home Networking Problems


When you fire up your internet browser, you want an instantaneous response. But if you’re relying on a single wireless router to cover every area of your home and you don’t have a reliable connection, you’re going to be frustrated by long load times and even the occasional crash.

This is even more true of streaming content. To get the most from your home theater, you want to be able to stream your favorite movie or show in 4K UHD. Without a sufficiently powerful network, you’ll be dealing with pixelated images, buffering issues and lengthy load times.

The solution? Beef up your home network. A professional network installation will ensure you get the maximum bandwidth possible in every area of your house, allowing you to browse and stream without fear of any hiccups or glitches.



Getting the most from smart home automation involves more than simply installing the individual systems. To really unlock the value of these devices, you need them to work together, and that can’t happen if your network isn’t up to the task.

For example, smart security systems and lighting control both do a lot by themselves, but they can do more together. If your lighting control talks to your security system, you can lock all the doors in your house and turn off all the lights from your phone, all with one push of a button. If you’re going on vacation, program your lights to turn on and off at different points throughout the day to make it look like someone’s home, all the while knowing you’ll receive an alert on your phone if anything should happen.

The greater number of interconnected systems in your home, the more valuable they are to you. But without a sufficiently powerful network as the backbone, your options are much more limited.



A strong network is important not only for the physical security of your home, but also your digital security. Hackers, malware and other forms of cyber attack have only been increasing in recent years, making network security more vital than ever.

To best protect the data on your devices, you’ll want to make sure your network is properly protected and encrypted. Your software or other components may be out of date if you haven’t taken a look at your network’s security in a while, leaving you at greater risk of attack and intrusion.



If you’re interested in learning more about Pacific Audio and Communications’ networking services for your Maui home, give us a call at 808-870-1619 or visit us online.





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