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Get Ready for Summer with an Outdoor Sound System

Get Ready for Summer with an Outdoor Sound System

Hi-Fi Audio is the Key to Outdoor Entertainment

Does your Kauai area home have a high-quality outdoor sound system? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on many opportunities. One of the biggest advantages of living in Hawaii is the gorgeous views that await you whenever you look out the window. And while you may enjoy lounging at the beach or hiking the Nounou Trails, there’s definitely something to be said for relaxing or entertaining at home.

If you want your verandah or patio to be a place where you can watch your favorite movie, host an exciting party, or listen to a relaxing playlist, you need to outfit the space with the right entertainment equipment. Keep reading to learn how best to install and leverage outdoor audio.

How to Do It Right

  • Choose the Best Equipment

Not all audio equipment is suited for Hawaii’s hot, humid climate. If you want an outdoor sound system that will work reliably for years, you need quality components. We work with high-end audio manufacturers of all styles, and we can provide guidance on which brands and speakers are the ideal fit for your property.

  • Keep Landscaping in Mind

Outdoor audio should be heard, not seen. Clunky, large equipment can detract from your home’s beauty and the natural landscape, so it’s important that all of the components are strategically placed to flow with the design of your outdoor space. We can provide speakers that are designed to look like rocks or other landscaping elements as well as bury some audio equipment so that it’s completely out of sight.

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  • Design Audio Zones

Every home is different, and many outdoor elements such as pools or topiaries can affect the way that sound is dispersed. That’s why we start any outdoor audio project by assessing your home and designing a plan that has the perfect speaker placement and sound levels. This plan ensures that the sound is heard evenly throughout your property, with no dead zones or overly loud areas.

  • Set Up Central Control

Your outdoor sound system should be just as easy to use as any indoor stereo. Using a central control system, every aspect of your outdoor audio can be managed right from your smartphone, tablet, or even your voice. If you want to change the music playlist or turn up the sound levels, it’s an incredibly simple process.

Don’t let your outdoor areas go to waste. To learn more about the different options for adding high-end audio throughout your property, give us a call at 808-245-6255 or fill out this quick contact request.

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