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Pacific Audio & Communications Hires Pono Nauka as General Manager of Oahu Operations.


Honolulu, HI. – Sept 29, 2020 – Pacific Audio & Communications Hawaii, has hired Pono Nauka as General Manager of Oahu Operations.

Pono brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the custom electronics integration field. He has worked with both commercial, residential contractors and clients. Pono holds numerous certifications from CEDIA, Crestron, Control4, Lutron, HAA, and ISF to name a few.

In his role prior to joining Pacific Audio & Communications Hawaii, Pono has spent time in all aspects of the industry including; sales, operations, programming, engineering, documentation, and installation.  Philip Mulligan, CEO Pacific Audio & Communications Hawaii, said “We’re extremely excited to have Pono back on the team. His depth of experience, knowledge and management capabilities will complement our growing business in Hawaii.”

More information about Pono Nauka is available at the company’s About Us page.

For more information, contact Pat Mulligan at (808)-870-1615. Pacific Audio & Communications Hawaii. 

Our Company Earns Coveted HTA Luxury Certification

As Your Smart Home Installer, We Provide Unparalleled, Certified Service for Your Maui, HI Home!

Certified for Luxury
The Pacific Audio and Communications team is pleased to announce that the HTA, or Home Technology Association, has distinguished our company within the high-end space by awarding us an HTA Luxury certification. HTA Certification elevates standards of professional excellence for smart home installer smart home installer firms, and we’re proud to have obtained this level of certification. We feel this accomplishment proves our ability to provide a higher standard of service for our Maui, Hawaii customers.

It’s Your Home: Choose Wisely
When you trust a company to enhance your home, the installation firm you choose directly impacts your quality of life. The Home Technology Association, an objective, third-party organization, guides homeowners to the most trustworthy, technically capable, and customer-focused integrators. When you hire a company who has been evaluated and certified to meet the HTA’s stringent standards in luxury living, you are guaranteed to get home technology that you will enjoy for years to come. Keep reading to find out how this certification benefits our customers.

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Distinct Advantages
Currently, the HTA standardizes excellence in the industry: they set the bar and only certify companies who meet all requirements. We’re not trying to brag, but only about 10% of smart home installer companies receive an HTA distinction. The three criteria necessary for achieving this honor include 1) Technical Ability, 2) Customer Service and 3) Industry Expertise. We are proud to provide exemplary service in all three of these categories.

More specifically, certified companies have a few competitive edges on other companies of their kind. For example, you’ll find strong business rankings; solid financial history; reputable, enterprise-quality network installations; background-checked technicians; ongoing support plans; and multiple endorsements within other companies of this caliber. Curious about what the “Luxury” part of our certification means for you? Read on!

What Luxury Certification Means
Specifically, meeting HTA’s “Luxury” criteria means that we’ve proven ourselves to homeowners who appreciate the finer things in life. Pacific Audio and Communications customers typically own large, high-value homes that they continue to improve and innovate with home automation systems. They probably have scrupulous design tastes in decor and architecture that they don’t want to compromise with conspicuous wiring. There’s also a good chance our clients have demonstrated their interest in superior audio and video technology by adding a media room or home theater.

Installations with this many details to consider take time. Usually, the updates in the luxury home category are expansive projects that can take several months to complete and involve meticulous, design-oriented requests. We’re prepared for anything and always ready to put our most painstaking effort forward for clients.

The Best for Your Investment
In short, our customers expect and deserve a boutique, bespoke experience when creating their dream homes, and we can’t wait to show you how certifiably excellent business practices, service and expertise can transform your Hawaii home. Ready to explore the possibilities? You can start by contacting us here or send us a chat below.

Why Invest in a Smart Home Security System?

Why Invest in a Smart Home Security System?

Stay Safer the Smarter Way

Whether you’re headed out on vacation or you’re just around the corner getting some chores done, you never want to leave your home unprotected. That’s why many Honolulu, HI homeowners consider investing in a smart home security system. But for some, the time and expense of installation seems like too much to be worthwhile. On the contrary! Smart security is an investment that keeps on giving. In this blog, we’ll show you why installing integrated security features is one of the best choices you can make for your property. Read on for more.

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Smarter Family Protection
If there’s one obvious reason to invest in smart security features, it’s that you can protect your family and property with ease. Whether you want to keep an eye on things or know who is coming and going from your home at all times, you can do it simply, quickly and without hassle. Here are a few of the most common security upgrades:

  • Surveillance Cameras: Unlike the big, clunky gray boxes you see at the bank, modern surveillance cameras can look discreet so they don’t ruin your home’s aesthetic. Offering 4K resolution, 360-degree viewing angles and modern software like facial recognition, keeping an eye on your property has never been easier.
  • Alarm Systems: If someone tries to break in, there are few better deterrents than an alarm system. Not only will it blast a loud sound, alerting the whole neighborhood, but it can also automatically contact the appropriate authorities.
  • Smart Locks: Ensure each door is locked with the touch of a button. Smart locks offer unique authorized-access capabilities so you’ll know who is entering or leaving your home at any time.
Environmental Protection
If you think home security is all about keeping bad guys out, you could be sorely mistaken. Most property damage is caused by environmental factors, like weather, water pipe leakage or fire. Here’s a few smart solutions:
  • Smoke and Carbon Detectors: One of the most common issues homeowners face is the potential for fire. Smoke detectors can alert you before anything serious happens so you can get to a safe place, and they can also notify the fire department if necessary. Carbon is potentially even more dangerous, because you won’t know when it’s around. A carbon detector can alert you and activate an integrated HVAC system to flush out harmful gasses.
  • Flood and Leak Detectors: A leaking pipe is no laughing matter. It can lead to serious repair costs. Stay in-the-know with real time alerts that monitor the moisture in a given space, so you can head off any potential damage.
Lower Insurance Costs
If you’re of the mind that the installation of these devices could end up costing you more than they’re worth, you may want to consider that smart security can help lower insurance costs as well. By ensuring the safety of your property, you can get more back in the long run.

Are you ready to enjoy a smarter, safer property with a smart home security system? Contact Pacific Audio and Communications today!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Honolulu Home Safe Over the Holidays

Gain Peace of Mind with a Smart Home Security System

It’s that time of year for festive parties, holiday lights, and memory making. This season is very special, but it can also put us into a frenzy of stress with the long to-do lists, family visits, and traveling.

For your peace of mind, we’ve put together a list of handy tips that will help you with one item we know is on your to-do list: keeping a safe home. From automated lighting and a smart home security system to a staged home, these tips will help you feel safer whether you’re staying in Honolulu, Hawaii or traveling.

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  1. Sync Smart Lighting with Your Surveillance System

If you’re traveling this holiday and leaving an empty home, you’ll feel comforted knowing your house is working to fend off intruders with a smart surveillance system synced with lighting control.

Install motion sensors around your house that automatically turn on lights when movement is detected on your property. The lights will create the sense that someone is home and typically drive unwanted guests away. When movement is detected, your security system sends alerts to your phone to notify you of potential intruders and even sets off an alarm for you. 

  1. Monitor Packages with a Smart Intercom

An increase in delivered packages is a guarantee this time of year, and keeping up with each delivery can be a lot to remember. Make the process easier and safer with a web-configurable outdoor intercom that works in tandem with a monitor.

Use two-way audio and video to both hear and see your visitor coming to drop off a delivery. As soon as the delivery is dropped off and you’re not home to receive it, we suggest you contact a neighbor or friend to pick it up for you until you can get home. 

  1. Replace Your Doors with Smart Locks

You won’t ever have to worry if you left a door unlocked when you leave for vacation with smart locks. Remote door locks controlled from your smartphone not only keep your home safer but allow you to unlock your home for a guest if you’re not there to let them in. Integrate your smart locks with smart video surveillance to remotely see who you’re letting into your home for even more peace of mind.

  1. Keep a Clear Path to Your Entryways

Even with a smart home security system where you can monitor every inch of your property in real time from a remote location, intruders may sneak behind large bushes or bulky holiday decorations to stay out of view from your cameras.

Keep a clear path to possible entryways of your home, including windows and doors, avoiding large objects that could be used to hide intruders. We also suggest you test your surveillance cameras to make sure you can zoom, pan, and tilt in order to see every nook and cranny of your property.

  1. Stage an Occupied Home

To keep your home looking occupied even if your entire family is away, schedule light scenes to turn on at desired times and mimic your family’s daily routines. With a smart security system coupled with your scheduled lighting, you can remotely monitor your home to make sure your outdoor holiday lights and indoor lamps are on when they’re supposed to be.

Feel more at peace this holiday season knowing your Honolulu home is safe and secure! We can help you get started with a smart home security system today. Just contact us here or send a chat below to start talking with a professional security system installer today.





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