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Del Dotto Winery and Vineyards: Full Smart Automation Installation

Check Out the Winning Project of CEDIA’s “Best Innovative System or Solution” Award

Here at Pacific Audio and Communications, we’re beyond proud to announce that a full automation project we brought to life for a Napa Valley winery has received the CEDIA award for “Best Innovative System or Solution.” Our goal for this installation was to ensure that every guest who visits the Del Dotto Winery and Vineyard will feel the detailed and luxurious atmosphere of the space, while now being able to benefit from the new smart features and solutions.

From integrated security and climate control to smart lighting and sound system installations, we brought every technology together under one centralized system – making it easy for employees to manage the place and to have it set for every guest and patron in every location.

We’ve brought these smart solutions to residences and buildings in Maui, HI and surrounding areas, and now all the way to the Napa Valley. Keep reading below to see how we incorporated these features into this full automation installation.

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Lighting and Climate Control

Lighting has a significant impact on both the appearance and feel of an entire space. So with the winery, we aimed to bring in both comfort and elegance. This was done by installing both interior and exterior lighting throughout the landscape, from paths and walkways to patio and tree lighting. Inside, tasting rooms, kitchens, touring caves, and event or dining rooms had fixtures put into place as well.

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Why Invest in High-End Audio?

Why Invest in High-End Audio?

  • Get the Best Sound Quality
  • Enjoy Music the Way It’s Meant to Be Heard
  • Gain Peace of Mind

The Benefits of Getting a Professional System for Home Audio Distribution

Home audio distribution technology has come a long way in recent years, making it easier than ever to enjoy pure, high-quality music in your own home. With the influx of so many “off the shelf” audio systems that you can pick up at your local Oahu electronics store, the question for audiophiles in Hawaii is usually whether a professional system is worth it. The short answer is “Yes.” For the long answer, keep reading.

The Difference in Sound Quality

Have you ever gone to a concert or symphony to enjoy your favorite music, then listened to a recording of the audio at a later time? It probably didn’t sound quite as good. There are a lot of reasons why this loss in quality happens:
  • Equipment: A lot of research and innovation goes into the materials and style of sound equipment.
    • Material: The rigidity of the materials used in speakers affects how sound reverberates, which in turn affects sound quality. Some high-end manufacturers even use materials like Kevlar and diamond in their speakers to produce better sound.
    • Style: The size, shape, and depth of speakers all have an impact on sound reverberations. Top manufacturers utilize an extensive quality assurance process to ensure there are no workmanship flaws in the speakers that could cause dead spots, muffled sound, or other issues.
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  • File Format: MP3s and similar audio files are typically compressed to allow for small storage size and easy streaming. Unfortunately, these file formats use a “lossy” compression that sacrifices quality for size. To improve sound quality, listen to MQA-encoded DSD or FLAC files, which use a lossless compression style. The file sizes are larger, but the increase in quality is more than worth it.
  • Acoustics: It’s hard to beat the acoustics of a concert hall, but a common mistake that people make when installing audio systems is to ignore the acoustics in the room. A professional audio installation ensures that you have the right sound equipment in the right locations to make your music sing out with clear, pure sound.

The Professional Touch

  • Peace of Mind: High-end audio systems are about more than just sound quality. They’re also about reliability. With a professional installation for home audio distribution, you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will be done right the first time and will be set up to last over time.
  • Ease of Use: Tired of fumbling around with different remotes for different speakers or stereos? With home audio distribution, you get one remote that controls every aspect of your sound system. Using your smartphone, you can select a song or playlist from your favorite streaming service, then choose whichever room you want it to play in.

Explore the Possibilities

Ready to enhance the way you enjoy music in your home? Contact Pacific Audio & Communications today to get started.


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