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3 Ways to Put Your Home Monitoring System to Use

3 Ways to Put Your Home Monitoring System to Use

  • Check in with Family and Friends
  • Manage Energy Use
  • Simplify Access to Your Home

Go Beyond Security with these Home Monitoring Uses for Your Maui Home

A home monitoring system is an excellent way to enhance your security system, going beyond cameras and alarms. However, home monitoring is useful for more than just security. Below, we’ve covered three ways that you can use a home monitoring system throughout your daily life in Maui, HI.

Check in with Family and FriendsA home monitoring system doesn’t just detect intruders. It can also be used to keep track of pets, children, elderly family members, and more.
  • Keep your pet off the furniture with smart sensors that alert you whenever your cat or dog is feeling adventurous.
  • Have a room in the house where your children aren’t supposed to go? Receive a notification if they enter the pool area without you or exit the home at an unusual hour.
  • Check in on elderly family members with cameras and motion sensors that let you know whenever they need assistance, when they take needed medications, and more.
Manage Energy UseThe same sensors that keep your home safe can also cut down on unnecessary energy costs:
  • Lighting Controlo Use sensors to automatically turn lights on when someone enters a room, then off again when that person leaves. This keeps you from wasting energy on lighting rooms that aren’t in use.
  • HVAC Controlo Use intelligent monitoring to optimize how your HVAC system operates. On sunny days, your smart home automation system can lower motorized shades to cut down on sunlight heating your home.
  • Device Controlo There’s no need to run all of the electronic devices throughout your home when they aren’t in use. Cut down on your energy bill by controlling TVs, gaming systems, surround sound speakers, and more from your remote tablet.
Simplify Access to Your HomeMake it easy for people to gain access to your property, whether you’re on location or not.
  • Prep for Delivery/Maintenance Workerso You don’t have to stick around the house all day waiting for the cable guy to show up. Instead, receive an alert whenever the worker arrives, then give them access to your home straight from your smartphone or tablet. With the sensors placed throughout each room, you can ensure that workers only enter areas where they are supposed to be.
  • Accommodate Unplanned Guestso If a family member decides to stop by while you’re not at home, you can still give them access to your residence so that they can wait for you to arrive in comfort. Simply unlock the gate and front door right from your phone.
  • Avoid Dealing with Physical Keyso Physical keys are one less thing you have to worry about with a home monitoring system. The gates and smart locks on your home can be unlocked with the press of a button so that you always have easy access without having to carry jangling keys in your pocket.
    o With security codes and access cards, you can keep track of who comes and goes at all times.
Home security, energy management, access control, and more – a home monitoring system is a comprehensive solution for your smart home. To speak with us about the possibilities for your Maui home, call 808-870-1619 or fill out this quick online form.




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