How Does the Analog Sunset Affect Smart Home Prewiring?

How Does the Analog Sunset Affect Smart Home Prewiring?

Ensure the Projects You Build Will Stand the Test of Time
More and more frequently, builders and other tradesmen are collaborating with custom electronics professionals to help make their projects smart home ready. As the market for integrated technology continues to grow, smart home prewiring is becoming essential in areas like Oahu, HI and beyond. But now that the analog sunset has happened, there are some big changes happening. In this blog, we’ll explain why builders should be concerned with smart digital prewiring solutions. Read on below.

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The Importance of Prewiring
Prewiring is the act of laying the network foundation for future electronic devices as the property is being built. The benefits of this are obvious: if the wires are installed before the walls are fully built, it’s easier to avoid costly rework time down the line. By collaborating with an established professional custom electronics installer from the beginning, you can make sure the end user gets exactly what they want the first time around.

Understanding the Analog Sunset
At the start of the decade, the analog sunset began to take effect. Essentially, it meant that devices would no longer include analog inputs and outputs, like RCA connectors, and would solely include digital input and outputs, like HDMI. That has slowly taken effect over the past few years. Now that no new audio video components offer analog connections, properties throughout Hawaii have been rendered unprepared for easily installing many modern smart home features.

So that means today’s wiring is different from what it was 10 years ago. Whether you’re building a room to be a dedicated home theater, or simply a versatile living room, there are new requirements that you’ll need to meet if you want to avoid coming back to rework the same project.

How to Avoid Analog Sunset Rework
Here are some helpful tips any builder can take to make sure the project is completed to customers’ satisfaction the first time around:

  • Ensure that digitally-capable cables are being used throughout the house. HDMI cables are perfect for a home theater system, but AV signals have to travel across great distances. Your partner integrator can define a wiring scheme with fiber optic and other appropriate cables to ensure the best signal over any distance.
  • Find out if the homeowner is looking to automate any satellite houses or garage spaces. Often homeowners don’t realize that a hardwired connection is possible between the main house and the pool house. Integrators can lay down long range digital cables throughout the entire property before the build is complete.
  • Don’t neglect rooms that aren’t typically AV ready. Modern technology means homeowners can enjoy streaming music in the kitchen and TV in the bathroom. Collaborate closely with your integration partner to find out exactly what they can do to make sure the property is ready.
Looking for an established AV partner in the Oahu, HI area? Contact Pacific Audio and Communications today!

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Is Your Audio Video System Prepared for the Analog Sunset?

Is Your Audio Video System Prepared for the Analog Sunset?

Understand how the Latest Technology Upgrades will Affect You

The analog sunset is causing some big issues for homeowners in the Honolulu, Hawaii area. If you’re unaware of what the analog sunset is or how it might affect you, then you’re going to want to read the information below. We break down what this technical issue is and how you can make sure your audio video system is prepared.

What is the Analog Sunset?

Before we can explain what the analog sunset is, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what analog technology is. Generally speaking, audio video system technologies fall into one of two main categories: analog and digital.

A good example of the differences between them is a household clock. With an analog clock, there are physical hands that spin around to indicate the time, while a digital clock shows the time on a display screen.

The trend with consumer electronics is to evolve from analog to digital technologies, and that is where the analog sunset comes in. Soon, analog devices within your audio video system simply won’t be compatible with anything else. It’s time for analog to go away for good.

A Brief History of the Analog Sunset

The origins of the analog sunset start way back in 2005 when the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) released a licensing agreement intended to prevent people from illegally copying media. Analog video outputs on devices such as Blu-Ray players made it too easy to get past copyright protections, so the solution was to create AV equipment that didn’t offer analog outputs. On top of that, many movies now include code that prevents them from being played on systems with analog capabilities.

We’re now reaching the very end of the analog sunset. While the standard for media devices is now for them to be completely analog-free, you’ll still run into analog components every so often.

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What Does This Mean for You?

The analog sunset obviously had a big impact on the audio/video industry, but what about Hawaii homeowners? Well, if you still have an audio video system with analog components, you’ve probably noticed some issues with your system:
  • Media that simply refuses to play
  • New devices that won’t work with your system
If you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest media technologies, like 4K Ultra HD video, you need to consider how those technologies will fit into your system as a whole. One of our AV experts can offer guidance on the best approaches with a consultation.

Another concern for homeowners seeking a media upgrade is the type of components they choose moving forward. You wouldn’t want to accidentally buy a new TV with analog inputs right at the end of the analog sunset! Again, your best bet is to consult with an expert on which brand and model are right for you.

If you need assistance with this transition with your home media, we’re one phone call away. Contact us today to learn more.


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