Is Your Home in Need of a Professional Lighting Designer?

A well-lit modern kitchen with stainless steel countertops and fridge with two glasses of red wine on the center island.

See Your Space in a New Light With High-End Fixtures and Intuitive Controls 

Hawaii's gorgeous landscapes benefit from the beautiful gleaming sunshine as much as they do the tropical landscapes. Everything from the glistening white sand to the amber colors of a beachside sunset come together because of the sun. What if you could bring that beautiful magic into your Honolulu home?

Keep that beautiful inspiration shining bright in your Honolulu home with the help of a professional lighting designer. This blog explains how property managers and homeowners can overcome common lighting issues and invigorate their spaces with our services. 

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The Advantages of Working with a Professional Home Automation Company

Photo of a Control4 home automation tablet sitting on a counter with a white smart speaker behind it.

Learn why you can't beat working with an expert team

Many perks come with choosing an experienced home automation company to install, upgrade, and manage your smart home solutions and integrations. Though it's tempting to take the DIY route, there are several reasons that we recommend working with a team that knows the correct steps regarding systems design, installation, and troubleshooting. 

If you're considering installing or updating home automation, Pacific Audio & Communications (PAC) can help! Keep reading to discover how an expert automation team can elevate your Hawaii living space without you lifting a finger!

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Check Out Your Resort’s New Sound System!

A partially buried Coastal Source Bollard Ellipse speaker.

A Commercial Sound System Enhances Every Outdoor Space in the Hospitality Industry

When visiting a resort in Maui, HI, we are all looking to get away for a bit and forget about daily life's usual troubles and challenges. Every space, from the spa to the restaurant, is designed to help us relax, creating an immersive setting essential to attracting new guests and keeping previous ones coming back! 

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we understand there is no better way to immerse guests in the resort experience than a commercial sound system. Whether installed indoors or across your pool and patio spaces, PAC has the brand partnerships and industry expertise to make your property sing! 

In this article, we will explore outdoor audio's role in setting the mood across a hotel or resort, enhancing every guest’s experience no matter where they are located. 

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Video Conferencing Solutions Improve Focus on Unified Communication

People sitting in a conference room having a meeting on a video call.

Find the latest conferencing technology for your office by working with PAC

No matter what type of business you own, implementing unified communication at the workplace is the key to keeping remote workers and clients connected. Besides improving customer service, it also helps enhance internal day-to-day operations and improves productivity and collaboration among remote and in-office employees. 

That being said, video conferencing solutions play a significant part in making office communications more cohesive, particularly if your company operates in more than one location. Plus, they help make your organization more scalable and accommodating to any future changes.

Being a dealer of the latest technology brands, Pacific Audio & Communications can help you find the latest technology that best fits your Honolulu, HI, office. Read on to see some of our top picks.

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Let Crestron Serenade You in Any Room with a Whole-Home Audio System

A media room featuring a Crestron interface on the coffee table.

Considering Whole-Home Audio? Learn the Ins and Outs Here First

You like your music and want to enjoy it anywhere at home. Good news—a Crestron whole-home audio system lets you do just that, and if you are in Maui, HI, the experts at Pacific Audio & Communications can design and install it for you. With hi-fi audio following you to any room or outdoor space, you will be dancing your way through life to the tune of your favorite songs—often without even realizing speakers, amplifiers, and media servers are anywhere near you. 

Read on to learn how Crestron brings audio and video to every corner of your smart home, from the front door to the backyard. 

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Enhance the Guest Experience with Lutron’s myRoom

 A guest room with soft lighting, elegant draperies, and a hidden TV raised from the foot of the bed.

This Guest Room Management System Offers Beautiful, Intuitive Control of Lights, Shades, and Climate

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we work with resorts throughout Hawaii, using the latest technology to create spaces that guests remember long after they’ve left. In today’s competitive market, standing out and differentiating your property is one of the critical keys to success. 

When guests experience beautiful lighting and elegant keypads that enable them to control their shades, temperature, and lights with one touch, it’s a memory they take with them and share with others. Today, you’ll see many five-star reviews that mention smart technology and the impression it’s left.

At PAC, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in smart lighting and motorized shades for commercial properties. Their guest room management system, myRoom, offers beautiful, intuitive control systems that enhance the guest experience while reducing energy costs. 

Let’s explore this remarkable technology and how it can help distinguish your resort.

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Create a Healthier Home with a Whole Home Air Purification System

A home with an open-air floorplan looking out over an infinity pool next to the ocean.

Transform Your Environment with Innovative Wellness Technology

You may have heard about the remarkable technology smart homes offer. Tap an icon on a touchscreen, and the lights brighten to the color of sunrise, the shades open, and a relaxing playlist fills the air. A smart home, however, is about much more than convenience and the best entertainment; it's also about creating the perfect environment—a beautiful and healthy home. 

A whole home air purification system is one of the components of creating a healthy home environment. Let’s explore what these systems offer and the benefits they bring to homeowners in Maui, HI, and the surrounding areas.

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3 Advantages of Installing a Building Water Purification System

A woman holding a glass of water. Clear shot of the glass in the foreground.

Treat Your Employees, Clients, and Guests to Pure, Delicious-Tasting Water

After a few years of remote work, companies finally decided it was time to return to the office. But for some industries, convincing their employees to leave behind the comfort of home and remote work wasn’t easy. One of the best ways to entice employees to rejoin the office environment is to make the space more comfortable.

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we are committed to optimizing workplaces in Honolulu, HI, through integrated, automated technology systems. These systems make a working environment more pleasant, enjoyable, and safe. In this blog, we’ll address how a building water purification system is essential for a functional, effective, and healthy workforce. 

So without further ado, here are three advantages of installing a water purification system at the office!

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The Surround Sound System Design that Promotes Wellness

A home theater with a projector and a large screen displaying a nature scene.

Create a Wellness Room in Your Home with 3D Audio

The healing power of sound has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. In ancient times it was known to elicit altered states and emotional responses designed to improve health and well-being. The first known use of music as a healing tool came from the Australian Aborigines, who used the didgeridoo more than 40,000 years ago. 

In more recent times, scientific studies have shown music therapy to reduce pain and anxiety, help stroke patients improve their motor and cognitive functions, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and much more. When we hear the rain falling as we drift off to sleep, the waves breaking along the shore, or the wind rustling the leaves of nearby trees, we develop a sense of peace. Our favorite song can take us from a place of melancholy to serenity. These reactions are in response to sound.

With the advent of three-dimensional audio, the possibilities in immersive sound therapy grew exponentially. With the right surround sound system design, your home in Hawaii can promote health and wellness. In fact, homes on the Big Island, including those in Kailua-Kona and Kamuela, are using their surround sound systems and home theaters to immerse their families in sound therapy and also enjoy the latest blockbusters. Let’s see how it’s done. 

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Bring Your Venue to Life with the Power of Music

A restaurant and bar with in-ceiling speakers and flat-screen TVs.

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with a Commercial Sound System

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the increasing demand for "an experience." While this has always included excellent service and outstanding food, today's customers are looking for more. They want to take a memory with them that stays long after they leave your establishment, and there’s no better way to create this than with live music.

Offering this type of entertainment makes you stand out from your competitors. Guests come to Honolulu, HI, from around the world, many hoping to embrace the laid-back Hawaiian culture and relax for a bit. Nothing sets the stage better than live local music and entertainment while dining al fresco or sitting by the pool under the stars.  

You can build your brand and boost profits by integrating the right music and entertainment. Guests tend to linger a bit, increasing purchases while enjoying the performance. To get you started, let’s explore the makings of a commercial sound system, including the all-important PA system, and how to choose the right one for your location and business.

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Have a Happy Holiday with Help from a Home Automation Company

Living room with a flat-screen TV, string lights, and an open floor plan leading to the patio, pool, and ocean.

Make This the Best Season Yet with Smart Lighting and Entertainment

It’s hard to imagine, but before we know it, the season of giving will be upon us. Halloween is just around the corner, and then the many holidays that bring friends and family together. Is your home in Maui, HI, ready for the celebrations to begin? 

Some greet the holidays with immense anticipation and excitement. Others feel a slight sense of dread. After all, despite all the joy they bring, there’s also a lot of work involved. The good news is that whether you live full-time on the islands or are blessed with a vacation home, you’re surrounded by a setting that promotes peace. 

Even better? There’s a system that can help you make this season the best one yet. A home automation company like Pacific Audio & Communications can make your life a little easier, your workload a little lighter, and your home ready for every occasion. 

Let’s look at how to elevate the holidays with home automation. 

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Live Green with the Help of an Energy Management Consultant

A backyard with a pool, hot tub, and small tiki hut.

Reduce and Monitor Your Energy Usage with Energy Management and Home Automation

We’re fortunate to live on a beautiful island and in a state that has been a leader in conservation and environmental protection for decades. In 2015, Hawaii became the first state in the U.S. to ban plastic bags. In 2018 and 2021, they banned the sale of sunscreens that contain petrochemicals believed to harm coral reefs. They also committed to being carbon neutral by 2045.  

In Kauai, HI, we consider it important to do our part in creating a sustainable environment. In fact, Kauai quit using oil to produce most of its electricity years ago. Today, about 70% of Kauai’s electricity grid is powered by renewables. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we also believe strongly in reducing carbon emissions and helping our clients live a more sustainable life while untethering from the electric grid. 

As an energy management consultant, we empower our clients to take control of their energy consumption, reducing their reliance on the power grid by using load shedding, renewable energy, and smart technology. Let’s see how it’s done.

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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Lighting Designer

an outdoor pool of a home with a fireplace on the patio and outdoor lighting

Perfect the Way Your Home Looks and Feels by Partnering with the Experts

Lighting is an essential component of every room. However, executing the perfect lighting design on your Oahu, HI, property is not an easily accomplished feat. It requires expert insight, skill, and years of experience that only a professional lighting designer like Pacific Audio & Communications can offer.

Whether you want warm-toned hues in your living spaces or love experimenting with a range of fun colors and fixtures to highlight artwork, a professional team creates the perfect lighting design that best fits your unique needs while making your home look and feel its best! Read below to discover how lighting designers make a difference in the functionality and aesthetics of homes just like yours.

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Hotels Answer the Guests’ Call for Wi-Fi Connectivity Anywhere

A luxury hotel lobby with plush chairs, vases, a wood ceiling with recessed lights, and the words “Check Room” over a doorway in the background.

Enhance the Guest Experience with an Enterprise Networking Solution

In the hospitality industry, service continually defines the most successful brands, and, in Honolulu, HI, competition is fierce. Unhappy guests call a neighboring hotel or write a bad review before speaking with the manager. 

Today's world has transformed guests' expectations. What used to define high-end service no longer qualifies, as the digital landscape creates guests demanding connectivity no matter where they are on the hotel property. Unfortunately, their technology needs have surpassed some of the networking capabilities of current properties. 

Videoconferencing and high-speed wireless access throughout a property are now considered standard requirements, not amenities. As a result, hotels are addressing this demand through an enterprise networking solution.

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Enjoy a Luxurious Life with Home Automation

A home with an open-air floor plan and backyard with a pool and spa.

An Experienced Smart Home Company Offers the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Have you heard about the nine-story boutique hotel on Waikiki Beach, where every floor is one ultra-luxury suite? You can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean, a private jacuzzi and sauna, and a butler at your beck and call. Each suite is filled with luxury items from around the world and high-end amenities. 

It’s also a smart suite! 

Guests experience one-touch control of lighting, blinds, climate, and streaming music via intuitive touchscreens and keypads. Each guest is assigned their own profile, which lets them set their music, lighting, and temperature preferences. When they press the “Turndown” scene, the lights dim as the sconces over the beds illuminate, the temperature sets for sleep, and soft music begins playing in the bedrooms and living room. 

A life of luxury! Discover how our smart home company can help you enjoy all of this in your home or condo in Honolulu, HI. 

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Energy Management Consultants and Wineries Come Together

A gate and entrance into the Del Dotto Winery.

Learn What a Technology Integrator Can Do for Your Winery

Energy management is becoming an essential component of a business’s strategy. For some, it’s about reducing costs. For others, it’s about minimizing their carbon footprint. For many, it’s a combination of increasing profits and caring for the Earth and future generations. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we’re uniquely positioned as an energy management consultant and electronic systems integrator to help companies achieve their energy goals. 

We not only help businesses come up with an energy management plan but also install and implement the system. An example of this integrated approach can be found at the Del Dotto Winery, our clients in Napa Valley, CA, and a project that won the CEDIA Award for Best Innovative System.

Let’s look at the possibilities and how to reduce your energy load. 

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The Importance of Integrating Smart Lighting in the Planning Stages of Your Project

The back view of a well-lit home with a pool and fire feature at dusk.

PAC works with Builders and Property Managers to Design, Install and Integrate Smart Lighting Solutions

Are you in the planning stages of a new build or renovating a home or commercial project? Maybe you’re a property manager entrusted to seek out and deliver deep expertise regarding lighting components and integration. If so, now’s the time to work with a lighting designer and home automation expert. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we create total lighting solutions, including the design, installation, and integration of intuitive control systems. 

Smart lighting systems make a tremendous difference in homeowners’ lifestyles. They offer beauty, extreme convenience, energy efficiency, and the ability to transform spaces at the touch of a button. At PAC, we’re uniquely situated as lighting designers and home automation experts, allowing us to bridge the two fields to create the smart home of your dreams! Keep reading below to learn more.

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Smart Home Automation Offers a Luxurious Island Lifestyle

Front of home at night with expansive yard and water features highlighted with outdoor lights.

3 of the Best Summer Smart Home Upgrades You Can Make to Your Home in Kauai

Are you still switching on your lights and looking for the right remote to control your different TVs, sound systems, and other electronics? Maybe you leave your shades partially drawn to reduce the direct glare of the sun and the damaging effects of UV rays. In the process, you may miss out on the breathtaking beauty every day on the island offers. 

Homeowners in Kauai, HI, are starting to embrace the world of home automation and the incredible conveniences it offers. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we've installed over a thousand smart home installations in Hawaii, California, and Nevada and received national acclaim for our projects. Are you ready to experience the luxurious lifestyle a smart home provides? 

Summer is the perfect time to work with a leading smart home company, creating unique and beautiful spaces to enjoy with friends and family. So, let's look at the three of the best summer smart home upgrades you can make to your Kauai home.

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Lessen Grid Reliance with Energy Consulting Services

View of the back of a well-lit open-floor plan home across their pool at dusk.

Create a More Sustainable Home and Workplace with the Help of an Energy Management Consultant

Environmental stewardship, protecting our earth through conservation and sustainable practices, is considered a vital practice in Oahu, HI. We're fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and many of us consider it our responsibility to protect it.

While some technology can harm our ecosystem, it can also act as a safeguard. The truth is, you can be eco-friendly without sacrificing your lifestyle or your profits. Are you ready to use technology to create a more sustainable home, workplace, or resort? As an energy management consultant, Pacific Audio & Communications can help. 

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Create a Safe, Functional Space for Guests with Enterprise Networking Solutions

A corporate office’s boardroom with enterprise networking solutions

Keep your guests connected by adding a robust network to your building 

When you are running a hotel tower, there are a lot of amenities you want to provide for guests. You want to lure guests with beautiful common areas and seamless service. Networking solutions are increasingly becoming a huge part of that package. 

Wi-fi systems are an integral part of commercial buildings, but instead of opting for conventional solutions, an enterprise-level network can benefit your property more. A robust network is far more reliable and secure. Read on to discover the benefits of using enterprise networking solutions in your Oahu, Hawaii, hotel. 

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