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Enjoy a Luxurious Life with Home Automation

A home with an open-air floor plan and backyard with a pool and spa.

An Experienced Smart Home Company Offers the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Have you heard about the nine-story boutique hotel on Waikiki Beach, where every floor is one ultra-luxury suite? You can enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean, a private jacuzzi and sauna, and a butler at your beck and call. Each suite is filled with luxury items from around the world and high-end amenities. 

It’s also a smart suite! 

Guests experience one-touch control of lighting, blinds, climate, and streaming music via intuitive touchscreens and keypads. Each guest is assigned their own profile, which lets them set their music, lighting, and temperature preferences. When they press the “Turndown” scene, the lights dim as the sconces over the beds illuminate, the temperature sets for sleep, and soft music begins playing in the bedrooms and living room. 

A life of luxury! Discover how our smart home company can help you enjoy all of this in your home or condo in Honolulu, HI. 

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It’s Time to Consider a Smart Home

As a premier smart home company in Hawaii, Pacific Audio & Communications has witnessed the rise of smart home technology. It offers a luxurious life once limited to the ultra-wealthy, the ones that rent a private island for a quick getaway. Today, smart home living is a luxury that many have the opportunity to experience. 

Do you have a high-rise condo along Waikiki Beach? Maybe you’re a property manager tasked with the quest of transforming a unit into a luxury oasis. Whether you’re a frequent visitor, a full-time occupant, or share your space with others, it’s time to consider smart home integration and living a five-star lifestyle every day. 

The Smart Home Experience

A smart home allows for intuitive control of lighting, shades, entertainment, whole-home audio, security, and more. With one touch, you can raise the shades in unison to greet another beautiful Hawaiian day. When it's time for bed, tap a button that turns your smart condo off for the evening while locking the doors and setting the alarm. All of your audio and video components are controlled from one user-friendly interface. Choose the audio source and the room you want to hear it in, and it's done. 

But, wait, it gets much better. 

Like the "Turndown" scene at the five-star luxury hotel, we’ll program scenes into the system that allow for one-touch control of multiple systems. Do you regularly entertain? Tap the “Party” icon on your touchscreen and watch as the lights transform around you, taking on the glow of amber candlelight. Your whole-home audio system delivers crystal-clear, high-fidelity music through your home and balcony via nearly invisible architectural speakers. The spa heats, the temperature adjusts, and the doors unlock to welcome your guests.

We can also set automated scenes that occur daily based on your lifestyle. In the morning, your home greets you with the temperature set, the blinds slowly rising, and your “Good Morning” playlist streaming through your room. Today’s integrated smart home is limited only by one’s imagination. 


At PAC, we’ve completed over a thousand high-performance installations throughout Hawaii, California, and Nevada that have received national attention. To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact PAC today. 

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