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Lessen Grid Reliance with Energy Consulting Services

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Create a More Sustainable Home and Workplace with the Help of an Energy Management Consultant

Environmental stewardship, protecting our earth through conservation and sustainable practices, is considered a vital practice in Oahu, HI. We're fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and many of us consider it our responsibility to protect it.

While some technology can harm our ecosystem, it can also act as a safeguard. The truth is, you can be eco-friendly without sacrificing your lifestyle or your profits. Are you ready to use technology to create a more sustainable home, workplace, or resort? As an energy management consultant, Pacific Audio & Communications can help. 

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What Is an Energy Management Consultant?

Aging infrastructure, concern for the environment, and increasing power outages contribute to the drive to find reliable alternatives, consume less energy, and lessen grid reliance. As energy management consultants, we assist homeowners and business operators in helping them create a more sustainable, cost-effective energy strategy. We do this by creating and integrating technology solutions that monitor and optimize energy usage and manage loads with smart automation.

How Do You Optimize Energy Production and Consumption?

The first step is designing an energy system. This usually includes creating energy on-site using traditional generators, batteries, and solar photovoltaics. Now that you have energy, you need to store it with grid-forming technology and a scalable storage system. 

We'll also install technology that monitors and controls each circuit in your home and optimizes energy usage, utilizing load shedding during peak-rate periods. Now, you have control over the microgrid, and by pressing one button, you can disconnect from the utility grid and connect to your clean, reliable power. By combining smart automation, you can view your available green energy and see where your energy is being used. View by load, circuits, or time to adjust and control energy consumption. 

What Else Can I Do to Save Energy?

While an energy management system is remarkable, maximizing off-grid and power grid energy and keeping your business and home up and running through a power failure, there are simple energy-saving strategies that automation can control. For example, automated lighting can continually adjust your lighting throughout the day, maintaining the right level of light and turning off lights in unoccupied rooms. Smart climate control can turn down the air conditioner when you leave for work and start it back up 30 minutes before you arrive back home. Every room's temperature, shades, and lighting are controlled effortlessly with energy conservation in mind. 

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we use our extensive knowledge in energy management and tailored technology to create homes and businesses that are controlled via one user-friendly interface. Climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and energy management are all integrated and managed on one app. To learn more about energy management or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Pacific Audio & Communications today. 

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