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Create a Safe, Functional Space for Guests with Enterprise Networking Solutions

A corporate office’s boardroom with enterprise networking solutions

Keep your guests connected by adding a robust network to your building 

When you are running a hotel tower, there are a lot of amenities you want to provide for guests. You want to lure guests with beautiful common areas and seamless service. Networking solutions are increasingly becoming a huge part of that package. 

Wi-fi systems are an integral part of commercial buildings, but instead of opting for conventional solutions, an enterprise-level network can benefit your property more. A robust network is far more reliable and secure. Read on to discover the benefits of using enterprise networking solutions in your Oahu, Hawaii, hotel. 

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Host Meetings Anytime

Video meetings are an essential part of business and a robust network is necessary to ensure all your hotel’s meeting rooms are able to provide this vital service to guests. If your commercial network fails at a crucial time when your guest is meeting with an important client, they’re unlikely to make a return stay. However, if you opt for a robust wi-fi system, your network will never fail. Guests can host meetings in boardrooms or conference rooms simultaneously without thinking twice. 

Convenience for Guests

Nothing is more frustrating for guests staying at your hotel than a slow working wi-fi. Some of the guests might even be on a business trip and need the network for vital work. Imagine booking a suite in your hotel, only to realize that the internet connection is down. It’s a sure way to downgrade the reputation of your business. But when you have a robust networking system in your hotel, your guests will appreciate it. A fast network will create better guest loyalty and retention. 

Networking solutions are also vital in getting technology within rooms and suites to work at its best. From streaming services to smart lights and shades, a subpar network will lead to lagging and delayed responses. This will create great inconvenience for guests and discourage return visits. 

Boosted Security

With hundreds of guests accessing the same network, cybersecurity concerns are understandable. Many high-end clients may be working on vulnerable materials they can’t risk exposing during an attack. On top of that, your network is at higher risk since you can’t train all guests on best practices.

Enterprise networks include additional firewalls and encryptions to ensure your business and guests are protected. Additional VPNs can segregate important management and security functions so that one guest's regrettable click doesn’t bring down your entire network. 

Are you ready to get enterprise networking solutions for your commercial space in Oahu, Hawaii? Pacific Audio & Communications brings you the best commercial networking systems. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 808-320-8463 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 

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