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Del Dotto Winery and Vineyards: Full Smart Automation Installation

Check Out the Winning Project of CEDIA’s “Best Innovative System or Solution” Award

Here at Pacific Audio and Communications, we’re beyond proud to announce that a full automation project we brought to life for a Napa Valley winery has received the CEDIA award for “Best Innovative System or Solution.” Our goal for this installation was to ensure that every guest who visits the Del Dotto Winery and Vineyard will feel the detailed and luxurious atmosphere of the space, while now being able to benefit from the new smart features and solutions.

From integrated security and climate control to smart lighting and sound system installations, we brought every technology together under one centralized system – making it easy for employees to manage the place and to have it set for every guest and patron in every location.

We’ve brought these smart solutions to residences and buildings in Maui, HI and surrounding areas, and now all the way to the Napa Valley. Keep reading below to see how we incorporated these features into this full automation installation.

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Lighting and Climate Control

Lighting has a significant impact on both the appearance and feel of an entire space. So with the winery, we aimed to bring in both comfort and elegance. This was done by installing both interior and exterior lighting throughout the landscape, from paths and walkways to patio and tree lighting. Inside, tasting rooms, kitchens, touring caves, and event or dining rooms had fixtures put into place as well.

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A Sound System for a Sound Business

How to get the perfect sound system installation for your business
Audio can affect everything in a business environment from employee productivity to customer engagement. Investing in a sound system installation is often a strategic move, but there are many factors to consider. We’ll walk you through the steps for approaching that installation in your Maui, HI business.

No matter what line of business you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about the steps we recommend.

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  1. Initial Evaluation
What are your goals for your business? What are you trying to achieve with your sound system installation? Are you looking to bring in more customers to your shop or bar? Are you looking to create a more lively or focused environment for your employees?

This is the step to set the intention for your installation and how you want it to function for your business.

  1. Area Assessment
With any installation, the space must be assessed to plan the specifics of the project and what you’ll be able to accommodate.

You’ll need to take account of the room or building’s size, shape, and layout while considering what will be taking space: Desks? Tables and chairs? Clothing racks? Furniture?

Any physical object placed in the area will affect the way that sound navigates.

  1. Technology Selection
Once you have a firm understanding of the space you are working with and what your goals are for your business’s sound system installation, we can begin the selection process for your audio technology.

In this step, we’ll work with you to select the appropriate equipment to meet those goals that best fit the room or business you’re working with. In-wall or in-ceiling speakers may be the best solution for your business if you’re looking to save space and distribute sound evenly, while outdoor-specific speakers are ideal for bars or restaurants that receive a lot of traffic outside.

With any of your business needs regarding sound system installation, our professional team will be sure to make that the proper selections and design.

  1. Installation
As an integration company, we work with several industry professionals to thoroughly install the appropriate sound system for your business. We understand that with so many sound system options, just deciding on a solution can feel overwhelming, but the installation is where it will come to life.

Our network of architects, interior designers, builders, and installers will ensure a polished and functional result.

  1. Maintenance
We will work to produce a high-quality sound system installation that should need little maintenance on your end. However, if you have any questions or if any issues arise, we provide support to resolve anything or make upgrades when you’re ready.

Ready to take your Maui, HI business to the next level with a new sound system? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (808) 870-1619.




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