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Hotels Answer the Guests’ Call for Wi-Fi Connectivity Anywhere

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Enhance the Guest Experience with an Enterprise Networking Solution

In the hospitality industry, service continually defines the most successful brands, and, in Honolulu, HI, competition is fierce. Unhappy guests call a neighboring hotel or write a bad review before speaking with the manager. 

Today's world has transformed guests' expectations. What used to define high-end service no longer qualifies, as the digital landscape creates guests demanding connectivity no matter where they are on the hotel property. Unfortunately, their technology needs have surpassed some of the networking capabilities of current properties. 

Videoconferencing and high-speed wireless access throughout a property are now considered standard requirements, not amenities. As a result, hotels are addressing this demand through an enterprise networking solution.

The Importance of Connectivity

Which do you think is more important to your guests—free Wi-Fi or special rates? Surprisingly, in a survey conducted by Merrill Research, 75% of those surveyed chose free Wi-Fi over special rates, free parking, loyalty points, and breakfast. 

Today, guests require a reliable and secure network in their rooms, at the swimming pool, or walking through the car parking lot. A robust enterprise network will differentiate hotels from their competitors, especially ones that can meet the needs of guests with multiple devices. 

This connectivity enhances the guest experience in other ways as well. For example, hotels can offer digital self-service options for tech-savvy guests that don't want to wait for the next desk clerk. Some hotels are turning to this solution in the wake of our current labor crunch, creating systems where guests can check in using tablets and check out using the hotel room’s TV touchscreen.

How to Create a Robust Network

Hotels are answering the call and investing in upgrades and rollouts of guest Wi-Fi. They’re providing guests with a digital experience that includes fast internet access and a personalized experience. 

To offer this type of service requires a core infrastructure that supports a scalable and secure enterprise networking solution. Your Wi-Fi network needs the support of routers, switches, and access points. Creating a robust network from the ground up ensures your guest’s connectivity remains seamless no matter where they are on your property. It also includes a strong cybersecurity defense system to ensure guests' data is safe when they log onto your wireless network. 

This type of network also helps your staff increase performance. Maintenance staff can respond to alerts sent wirelessly. Employees supporting the guest experience can receive guest requests on mobile devices. You can use mobile technologies and Wi-Fi access points for geo-location, enabling staff to send targeted welcome messages, in-room food options, and offers based on where your guest visited. Eventually, these digital interactions create a wealth of data you can use to track your guests’ personal preferences and better exceed their expectations. 

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we help our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors by creating a superior guest experience through a robust enterprise networking infrastructure. To learn more about these solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact PAC today. 

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