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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Lighting Designer

an outdoor pool of a home with a fireplace on the patio and outdoor lighting

Perfect the Way Your Home Looks and Feels by Partnering with the Experts

Lighting is an essential component of every room. However, executing the perfect lighting design on your Oahu, HI, property is not an easily accomplished feat. It requires expert insight, skill, and years of experience that only a professional lighting designer like Pacific Audio & Communications can offer.

Whether you want warm-toned hues in your living spaces or love experimenting with a range of fun colors and fixtures to highlight artwork, a professional team creates the perfect lighting design that best fits your unique needs while making your home look and feel its best! Read below to discover how lighting designers make a difference in the functionality and aesthetics of homes just like yours.

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1.     Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in your mood. Depending on the color temperature and brightness levels, you can completely change the way a room looks and how it makes a person feel. Bright, blue-toned lights leave people feeling energized and ready to take on the day, while warmer, orange-toned hues signal to the brain that it’s time to relax. A lighting designer will incorporate lighting technologies that shift automatically, so you can enjoy the ambiance without a second thought. Or, simply press a button on an on-wall keypad, say a voice command, or swipe your finger on an app to adjust the lights whenever you need.

Lighting locations and fixture styles also impact the way someone feels and how a room looks whenever lights are on. Too-bright and you’re left squinting at your family during dinner; too-dim and you’re left unable to read your book in the evening. Lighting designers expertly layer different types of lighting in a way that makes any room look more spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Be it indoors or outdoors, a pro understands whether to use overhead lights, bullets, canned lighting, uplights, and downlights, to name a few. The right lighting design can make all the difference. 

2.    Improved Wellness

Our ancestors thrived on spending time outdoors with natural sunlight, yet many of us stay cooped up inside our office and homes for the majority of the day. But sunlight is necessary not just for maintaining vitamin D levels but also for stimulating the body’s biological clock.

A lighting designer can incorporate human-centric lighting that supports our internal circadian rhythms. It mimics the CCT and hues of the sun throughout the day. Imagine have interior lighting that supports our natural wellness but without the harmful UV rays!

3.     User-Friendly Lighting Control

Lighting control adds intuitive, easy-to-use control options to your daily routines. Whether you want to adjust the brightness or switch off the lights at bedtime, everything can be done in a matter of seconds with just a touch of your finger or according to a preset schedule!

Contact Us

You can find the best lighting design team at PAC. We work with the top brands to provide the best-in-class services for luxury homes. Fill out our contact form to get started on your next project today!

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