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Let Lutron Lights Add Ambiance to Your Smart Home


Update the Look and Feel of Your Rooms with These Home Lighting Solutions

Take control of the lights throughout your home with smart lighting from Lutron. Due to their sophisticated and stylish design, they not only elevate the ambiance of your interior spaces, but you seamlessly control them with a smart tablet, phone app, or a sleek wall panel. Offering thousands of lighting products – lamps, bulbs, and control options – Lutron helps you achieve the perfect lighting scene in every room.

Do away with your old lighting design and get ready for something new. Whether you want a modern look or a classic feel, you’re sure to find the right home lighting solutions for your home in Hawaii. Keep reading to discover how Lutron lighting control is the right choice for your home or property management company.


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Here’s a Bright Idea!

Right now, whenever you turn your lights on or off, you flip a switch. You do it multiple times a day. Also, if you want to set a mood, you’ll need to adjust the dimmer. But what if your lights could think for you, or you could adjust all the lights in your room or home by touching one button on a tablet? With Lutron lighting controls, you can!

Instead of getting up to flip the switch, a lighting scene automatically adjusts your lights when you touch an icon on your smart home tablet or app. For example, if you enjoy romantic dinners with your spouse or partner, set a lighting scene to create the mood. When the time comes, touch a button, and the dining room lights dim, change to a warm amber color, and set the ambiance for a wonderful dinner.

Perhaps, you enjoy throwing big parties with friends. It’s easy to program a scene for your indoor and outdoor lights. As guests arrive, the tunable lights turn to various colors that create a welcoming environment for entertaining; while inside, the lights set the scene for conversing and sipping martinis. Lutron has truly welcomed a new age for luxury lighting control.


Light Control and Smart Home Automation

We’ve already touched on home automation, but it’s worth another look. When your Lutron lights are integrated with your home automation system, you not only enjoy complete light control, but your smart home system lets you control nearly every technology in your home. From the lights and audio-visual systems to the security system, everything is at your fingertips.

Let’s go back to that big party we talked about. In addition to programming a lighting scene, the scene can also include your whole-home audio system, TVs, climate control, and so many other technologies. Select the scene, and the party music turns on outside while the lights sync with the beat. Inside, cool jazz plays or a movie starts on your living room TV. The choice is yours! When you have complete smart home control, your home obeys your every command.


A Word for Property Managers

You have enough tasks to keep you busy. Maintaining a smart lighting system shouldn’t be one of them. Even though Pacific Audio & Communications installs premium and reliable systems from Lutron, occasionally, they require maintenance or repair. Instead of spending countless hours learning about smart home technology, call PAC for service. We have many years of experience as integrators. By depending on our experts, you save time and money.


Would you like to learn more about smart lighting control for your home? Call Pacific Audio & Communications at (808) 320-8463, chat with us below, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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