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How A Hotel Room Control System Improves Your Image


Give Your Guests Complete Control in Their Rooms with a Robust Hospitality Interface by Crestron.

Your guests want more than merely a place to lay their heads. They want to be treated like royalty. Think about it. Where would you rather stay: a hotel suite that meets your basic needs (a bed, TV, and bathroom) or one that caters to your every need? A standard TV with remote is par for the course. Every hotel room has that. And keyless entry has become standard now.

Go above and beyond to make your hotel stand out. Install a state-of-the-art hotel room control system at your hotel in Oahu, HI. An advanced smart automation system by Crestron elevates a guest’s experience to a new level. And why wouldn’t it? With hospitality interface controls in their suite, you put everything at their fingertips. Read more to see how hotel smart controls can improve your brand image and the experience of your guests.

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Simple Yet Sophisticated Controls

Are you giving your guests an excellent first impression? Smart automation does it from the moment they step in their rooms: automated lighting and shades, seamless control of the AC and heat, touchscreen interfaces, and much, much more. In fact, you’ll impress them so much, they may never want to leave! With Crestron automation technology, your guests are sure to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

For instance, they’ll have complete and customizable control over the audio-visual system: 4K TVs, streaming video, and high-definition speakers. They’ll have a cinematic theater experience in their own suites. Or, if your guests are having a gathering in their rooms, it’s the perfect place for a dance party or spending time with friends. Hotel room automation not only improves the experience of your guests, but it’s smart business sense because it makes your hotel much more appealing.

Best of all, the Crestron control panel is so easy to operate. If they know how to use a phone, tablet, or computer, there is virtually no learning curve with the Crestron device. Because everything is integrated and set up before they enter their suite, they don’t have to worry about programming anything.

Complete and Easy Customization at Check-in

 Customization starts immediately. Before your guest steps foot in their suites, your hotel staff has already programmed their preferences in the Crestron system. Those presets will remain throughout their stay. For instance, you can set certain smart lighting scenes for the guest – awake time and sleep time. If you really want to personalize their experience, smart lighting can be adjusted to various hues and colors, creating the right atmosphere.

The Crestron hotel control system also includes do not disturb signs, one-touch guest service requests, video intercom calls to the concierge, and communication with valets and other hotel services. And it’s so easy because everything is accessible from the touchscreen. 

Don’t your guests deserve an experience to remember? You owe it to yourself to update your hotel with Crestron hotel room automation technology. Get started today by calling Pacific Audio & Communications at (808) 386-5963 or using our contact form.

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