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Have a Happy Holiday with Help from a Home Automation Company

Living room with a flat-screen TV, string lights, and an open floor plan leading to the patio, pool, and ocean.

Make This the Best Season Yet with Smart Lighting and Entertainment

It’s hard to imagine, but before we know it, the season of giving will be upon us. Halloween is just around the corner, and then the many holidays that bring friends and family together. Is your home in Maui, HI, ready for the celebrations to begin? 

Some greet the holidays with immense anticipation and excitement. Others feel a slight sense of dread. After all, despite all the joy they bring, there’s also a lot of work involved. The good news is that whether you live full-time on the islands or are blessed with a vacation home, you’re surrounded by a setting that promotes peace. 

Even better? There’s a system that can help you make this season the best one yet. A home automation company like Pacific Audio & Communications can make your life a little easier, your workload a little lighter, and your home ready for every occasion. 

Let’s look at how to elevate the holidays with home automation. 

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Light Your Home for Every Occasion

Home automation integrates your lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and more, offering an ecosystem of interconnected devices that are effortlessly controlled with your smart home platform. 

Lighting is one of the game changers when it comes to holiday decorating. Today’s LED RGB lighting systems offer 16 million different colors of light that can be changed with one tap on your smart home user interface found on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, remote, and mobile device. Our certified technicians install breathtaking landscape lights that can change to every hue and temperature. 

Indoor tunable or dynamic spectrum lighting also gives you access to every color imaginable. Once you know the settings you prefer for different occasions, we can program them as preset scenes. For example, tap the Thanksgiving icon, and varying indoor and outdoor lights illuminate to the colors of the season. When it’s time for dinner, push the “dinner” button, and the lights turn a soft amber hue. 

Music and Entertainment  

Holiday music and movies are a big part of the season. With a whole-home audio system, you and your family enjoy high-fidelity music drifting through every room of your home and into your outdoor spaces via nearly invisible in-wall, in-ceiling, and satellite landscape speakers. Sync your lights to your favorite holiday playlist, set different tunes to play at different times of the day, and integrate music into your preset scenes, setting the perfect lighting and music for every occasion. 

When it’s time to watch the holiday classics, simply push "movie night," and the lights dim, the blackout shades lower, and the movie begins. With a whole-home AV system, you can play the same film on every TV, synced perfectly, so no one misses a moment when they head to the kitchen for a snack. This feature is particularly welcome on Thanksgiving when the football games begin. 

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we specialize in the design, integration, and installation of smart home systems. These customized solutions incorporate the latest technology, offering beauty, elegance, and effortless living. To learn more about home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact PAC today.

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