Let Crestron Serenade You in Any Room with a Whole-Home Audio System

A media room featuring a Crestron interface on the coffee table.

Considering Whole-Home Audio? Learn the Ins and Outs Here First

You like your music and want to enjoy it anywhere at home. Good news—a Crestron whole-home audio system lets you do just that, and if you are in Maui, HI, the experts at Pacific Audio & Communications can design and install it for you. With hi-fi audio following you to any room or outdoor space, you will be dancing your way through life to the tune of your favorite songs—often without even realizing speakers, amplifiers, and media servers are anywhere near you. 

Read on to learn how Crestron brings audio and video to every corner of your smart home, from the front door to the backyard. 

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Enhance the Guest Experience with Lutron’s myRoom

 A guest room with soft lighting, elegant draperies, and a hidden TV raised from the foot of the bed.

This Guest Room Management System Offers Beautiful, Intuitive Control of Lights, Shades, and Climate

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we work with resorts throughout Hawaii, using the latest technology to create spaces that guests remember long after they’ve left. In today’s competitive market, standing out and differentiating your property is one of the critical keys to success. 

When guests experience beautiful lighting and elegant keypads that enable them to control their shades, temperature, and lights with one touch, it’s a memory they take with them and share with others. Today, you’ll see many five-star reviews that mention smart technology and the impression it’s left.

At PAC, we partner with Lutron, the industry leader in smart lighting and motorized shades for commercial properties. Their guest room management system, myRoom, offers beautiful, intuitive control systems that enhance the guest experience while reducing energy costs. 

Let’s explore this remarkable technology and how it can help distinguish your resort.

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Create a Healthier Home with a Whole Home Air Purification System

A home with an open-air floorplan looking out over an infinity pool next to the ocean.

Transform Your Environment with Innovative Wellness Technology

You may have heard about the remarkable technology smart homes offer. Tap an icon on a touchscreen, and the lights brighten to the color of sunrise, the shades open, and a relaxing playlist fills the air. A smart home, however, is about much more than convenience and the best entertainment; it's also about creating the perfect environment—a beautiful and healthy home. 

A whole home air purification system is one of the components of creating a healthy home environment. Let’s explore what these systems offer and the benefits they bring to homeowners in Maui, HI, and the surrounding areas.

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3 Advantages of Installing a Building Water Purification System

A woman holding a glass of water. Clear shot of the glass in the foreground.

Treat Your Employees, Clients, and Guests to Pure, Delicious-Tasting Water

After a few years of remote work, companies finally decided it was time to return to the office. But for some industries, convincing their employees to leave behind the comfort of home and remote work wasn’t easy. One of the best ways to entice employees to rejoin the office environment is to make the space more comfortable.

At Pacific Audio & Communications, we are committed to optimizing workplaces in Honolulu, HI, through integrated, automated technology systems. These systems make a working environment more pleasant, enjoyable, and safe. In this blog, we’ll address how a building water purification system is essential for a functional, effective, and healthy workforce. 

So without further ado, here are three advantages of installing a water purification system at the office!

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