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Smart Home Luxury For Your MDU Properties


Attract And Retain Upscale Tenants by Partnering With a Premier Home Automation Company

Once reserved for the most prominent homes, smart home technology's convenience is now an essential element of mid to high-end apartments. The modern tenet expects more from the amenities of a building. Beyond concierges and fitness centers, individuals are demanding tunable lighting, AV distribution, environmental controls, security, high-speed network, and internet. They want control interfaces that are sophisticated and simple, and of course, voice commands.

Including smart technology has been shown to make properties more attractive, lead to higher retention rates, and help you save money. According to a study by The National Apartment Association, “84% of residents who do not have smart technology in their units would like to see it deployed across their community”

To bring these sort of systems online, you need an experienced home automation company familiar with cutting edge technology and the intricacies of installing in Oahu, HI, multiple dwelling environments. At Pacific Audio & Communications, we get the job done right and on schedule.

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Bringing smart home technology to MDU’s continues to be a growing trend. Automation systems furnish enhanced apartment lifestyles by creating environments attuned to the tenant’s needs.

Shades and Lighting

Natural light has a significant effect on our moods, emotions, and a general sense of well-being. Automated lighting and motorized shades help balance the desire to bring outdoor living closer and manage the heat and privacy needs. Motorized shades and sheers allow just the right amount of light, reducing the stress on the HVAC while maximizing the use of natural light.  Lighting that works to match circadian cycles by transforming illumination through the day leads to healthier and happier tenants.

Climate Comfort

While apartments are often smaller than houses, they still need multiple zones of climate control. Rooms heat unevenly depending on exposure to the sun and layout. Having the ability to control individual zones results in a consistent temperature throughout the apartment, making the space livable. This consistency also results in lower energy costs by applying changes only to the rooms that need it.

Media and Music at Your Command

Home is where we relax and relieve the day’s stresses; music, media, and movies are a key element in this. Upwardly mobile tenants are looking for apartments prewired for a high-speed network with an internet capable of delivering 4K content. Space for mounting televisions and speakers to bring that home theater experience finishes the luxury feel.

Sophisticated Control

Modern renters expect that automation controls that fit their lifestyle and expectations. Simple light switches will not do. Mobile app interfaces are a must, especially for younger clients; anything else will cause frustration and discontent.

A sophisticated yet simple user interface goes a long way toward satisfaction. When a tactile interface is required, elegant keypads provide easy control of room lights, allowing lights to be tuned to the look they want.

Benefits to your Bottom Line

Including home automation technology to your MDU properties adds value in your clients' eyes and helps your bottom line.

Offering high-tech living environments makes your properties more attractive to upscale tenants who will pay more for the luxury. The technology has also been shown to increase renter retention and higher satisfaction levels.

Smart home systems also have a hidden advantage for property managers, knowing when there is trouble before it becomes a disaster. Whole-building sensors and metrics notify you in the event of a leak in the HVAC system or when critical infrastructure components are underperforming. 

The Home Automation Company You Need

Pacific Audio & Communications is one of the nation's premier home automation companies. Established in 1991, we have over a thousand high end residential and commercial integration and installation projects to our name. Our valued clientele experience the ultimate luxury through intuitive interfaces for audio, video, lighting, and networking. Our professional staff is there to serve as your personal technology advisor that educates and guides you to solve all of your current and future technology needs.

Are you interested in learning more about the ultimate luxury automation for your rental property? Reach out to Pacific Audio & Communications for a state-of-the-art home that will allow your tenants to take full advantage of all their connected devices. Connect with us today so you can discover why we are Hawaii's most integrator: We look forward to hearing from you!


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