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Want to Implement Tunable Fixtures into Your Residential Lighting Design?

Want to Implement Tunable Fixtures into Your Residential Lighting Design?

Pacific Audio & Communications Is Well-Equipped to Help. Here’s How.

If you’re an architect working in the Kauai, HI, area, you know that today’s client has changing needs and sometimes an extensive list of demands. The modern customer consumes an influx of media every day, and chances are, they’ve heard of tunable lighting and its various perks.

Studies show that it offers significant benefits for a homeowner’s health, both physical and mental. It’s been cited to improve sleep, help people wind down after work and increase daytime productivity – even work performance. The industry usually calls it “human-centric lighting,” but “tunable” and “circadian” lighting were once common terms for it as well. Few would argue that restful sleep, productive days and a positive mindset are just a luxury, so you might not want to miss this opportunity to provide these residential lighting design features for your clients.

No matter what you call it, your homeowners are most likely looking for lighting that suits their design tastes and syncs effortlessly with the rest of their homes. By partnering with Pacific Audio & Communications, you’ll be just the resource valuable clients need. Keep reading below to see where we can bridge the gap!

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Why Tunable Lighting?

Our bodies were designed to rise and sleep according to a natural pattern determined by the sun. The sun emits more energetic light during the noon and early afternoon hours, which appears to us as a bright, cool white. This light, in turn, stimulates productivity and energy to tackle mid-afternoon tasks. During sunset hours, we notice a warmer, amber glow. This lower-energy lighting produces more melatonin, giving us a relaxed, sleepy feeling that encourages mellow evenings and better sleep.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t benefiting from either because we spend, according to a recent EPA study, about 90% of our time inside. However, Crestron’s human-centric tunable white lighting solutions replicate the sun’s patterns and automate them according to a pre-set schedule. As a result, your client can relish the full spectrum of beneficial light throughout the day. Stay tuned to see how PAC can help. 

WAC Lighting Fixtures + Crestron DMX Controllers

We’re proud to work with WAC, a distributor of some of the most stunning lighting designs on the market. As you know, WAC is one of many designers’ chosen brands to show their clients, as well as an innovator for hard-to-light spaces. Whether your client wants bold decorative ceiling sconces or understated under-cabinet fixtures, WAC delivers.

Tunable lighting isn’t just about form: function ties it all together. We’re pleased to announce that we can program our Crestron software to add tunable lighting control to your favorite WAC fixtures! Because we’re expert installers, we can integrate this technology seamlessly, without wall clutter or visible wires.

PAC can program Crestron’s DMX controller so clients can view a full spectrum of white lighting brightness and tone, scan the available colors and select the one that fits their needs. We can also pre-program their Crestron lighting system for a complete circadian effect that gradually and automatically boosts wellness all day.

Contact Us Today!

If you have a client who’s building a new home soon and has mentioned lighting design, we suggest you act fast: hiring a lighting design expert in the early stages means we work with you and your clients to figure out the technology side of the project. If those ideas are incorporated into the process early, you can enhance design elements with our installation and programming services.

Ready to captivate today’s luxury client? Add human-centric lighting to your list of design services. We can help! Call us at (808) 938-1321, find us online or click on that chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser.

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