3 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Style with Smart Lighting Control

• Transform your space with pre-set scenes
• Reduce wall clutter with centralized control
• Expand the versatility of your home’s lighting


Why is Smart Lighting Important for Your Home’s Interior Design?

Smart home lighting control systems offer intuitive control which makes it easier to manage your technology. This in turn helps you create a beautiful, dynamic style for your home. From taking ugly light switches off the walls to adding a touch of creativity to your lighting, the right kind of control can enhance your interior and landscaping design.

Using Scenes to Transform Your Space

Scenes are an essential part of a home lighting control system, letting you adjust multiple fixtures simultaneously at the press of a button or at a scheduled time.

  • Using Manual Pre-set Scenes
    • Create unique scenes that you can pull up at a moment’s notice to prepare the room for a specific event or activity. This way you can prepare the room quickly for any occasion:
      • Party Scene: Press a button and colored LED lights go up in your pool, fountains and living room. Decorative fixtures light up your driveway while inside fixtures highlight new pieces of furniture or art.
    • Some scenes can be scheduled at a given time each day. These are a great feature when it comes to your landscape lighting:
      • Light Up the Night: Show off your home when it gets dark. Schedule a “Night Time” scene at 7 p.m. that turns on your outdoor lighting. LED lights highlight specific architectural features and important walkways.

Getting Rid of All Your Wall Clutter

Through a smart home lighting control system, you can access all your lights from a touchpad, tablet or smartphone. It’s a dream come true for interior designers. You can get rid of the switchers and dimmers on the wall and streamline your décor to fit your specific stylistic theme. Centralized control can affect your interior design in two distinct ways:

  • Get control from the device of your choice
    • Transfer all controls to one single device. Instead of five different switches in your living room, you only need one sleek touchpad on the coffee table.
  • Use scenes to reduce the number of switches
    • Instead of designating a switch for each fixture, install a keypad with each button corresponding to a commonly used scene – like a “Welcome” scene that turns on all lights or a “TV” scene that dims the lights.

Expand the Versatility of Your Lights

Home lighting control makes it easier to embrace new stylistic choices. With centralized control, you can bring in new features and ideas into your home from the comfort of your couch using your smartphone or tablet.

  • Get Creative With Colors: Change the color of your LED light fixtures to fit your mood or a given occasion. Go green for St. Patrick’s Day or red, white and blue on July 4th.
  • Highlight Different Features: It’s also easy to change up the things you want to feature. If you get a new piece of art work, turn up the fixtures around it to make it pop. Want to show off a new lawn ornament? Dim other areas in your landscaping and raise the fixtures around your new purchase.

We work hand-in-hand with architects, builders and designers to create lighting control systems that meet clients’ unique styles. Contact the experts at Pacific Audio & Communications to learn about the many ways smart lighting can benefit your home.


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  1. April Cook June 10, 2016

    It always amazes me to see the difference that good lighting can make. Up lighting certain objects or areas can change the entire mood of your home. I really like that with this system you can pre-set scenes so the lights are just how you want them at the touch of a button. How many scenes can you have saved? Thanks for this information!

    • Pat Mulligan June 10, 2016

      Aloha April. With presets/scenes its pretty much unlimited the only hold back with that is if the client is using keypads which are limited to about 7-9 buttons but if using a touch screen (IPAD, iphone, android or other) then the limit is just your imagination. With some of the new LED systems coming online this year we will have color options as well to the scenes/presets. We will have a demo of this new LED system in about 3 weeks. Its pretty amazing what is coming down the line.

      • Chynna July 20, 2016

        Thank you so much for this aritlce, it saved me time!

    • Beyonce July 20, 2016

      Way to use the internet to help people solve prlembos!

  2. Diandra July 20, 2016

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  4. James Bergman August 22, 2016

    I like the idea of putting your outdoor lights on a timer. I am always forgetting to turn them on, and this would solve that problem. However, since it doesn’t always get dark at the same time throughout the year, I think it would be better to have some sort of sensor that turns on the light when it starts to get dark.


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