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Save Money on Energy Costs While Adding Appeal to your Business


How Commercial Lighting Control Is an Eco-Friendly & Eye-Catching Choice

Upgrade your lights and save money. It is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption. By installing an energy-efficient commercial lighting control system at your business in Honolulu, HI, you improve the appearance of your property – inside and out – and give your budget a boost. 

Want to discover all the benefits of integrating new lighting with a commercial automation system? Read more to learn how a controlled lighting system offers many options, including the ability to manually and automatically adjust any number of lights throughout your building.

Money-Saving and Energy-Saving

How would you like to reduce your company’s energy usage by 20%? With a state-of-the-art commercial lighting system, you control every aspect of the lighting on your property. This helps you remotely adjust lights in areas that aren’t in use. In fact, it can be done automatically by programming scenes or using motion sensor lights. Also, LED lights are 80% more energy efficient compared to incandescent bulbs. That means big savings for your business.

That’s what Pacific Audio & Communications achieved after installing a building automation and commercial lighting control system for Del Dotto Winery. We received the CEDIA award for “Best Innovative System or Solution” for the project. From integrated security to smart lighting, we brought every technology together under one centralized system for Del Dotto Winery.

Lights That Are Easy to Operate

You may think that an innovative lighting system is complicated to use, but it’s just the opposite.

If you can use an iPhone or Smartphone, then the learning curve to operate a lighting control system is minimal. Most light panels are manageable from any device. However, they also come with remote controls if needed. Most importantly, the experts from Pacific Audio & Communications provide turn-key services that include design, installation, setup, and maintenance. If you ever have a question about your commercial lighting system, we are here to help.

A Safe and Sound Business

One of the biggest deterrents for burglars is a well-lit property. Both landscape lighting and interior lighting are paramount in preventing burglars from stealing equipment and other property. For instance, motion sensors immediately illuminate dark areas once movement is detected. Because smart lighting includes remote access capabilities, you can also control the lights wherever you are. When your lights are integrated into your security system, then you have a property that is practically impervious to thieves.

Improved Appeal for Your Property

One of the most compelling benefits of installing new lights is the elevated ambiance they provide. The various styles of lights available let you adjust the color, temperature, and brightness of the lights in your building. You can set the scene – for instance, lighting for a conference room – and then press a button. Everything adjusts to your specifications. Scenes can be programmed for times of day, different rooms, specific activities, and simply to create a mood.

Make your property more appealing and save money at the same time by installing a commercial lighting control system. Contact Pacific Audio & Communications to see how we can make your business shine with new lights.

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