Del Dotto Winery and Vineyards: Full Smart Automation Installation

Del Dotto Winery and Vineyards: Full Smart Automation Installation

Check Out the Winning Project of CEDIA’s “Best Innovative System or Solution” Award

Here at Pacific Audio and Communications, we’re beyond proud to announce that a full automation project we brought to life for a Napa Valley winery has received the CEDIA award for “Best Innovative System or Solution.” Our goal for this installation was to ensure that every guest who visits the Del Dotto Winery and Vineyard will feel the detailed and luxurious atmosphere of the space, while now being able to benefit from the new smart features and solutions.

From integrated security and climate control to smart lighting and sound system installations, we brought every technology together under one centralized system – making it easy for employees to manage the place and to have it set for every guest and patron in every location.

We’ve brought these smart solutions to residences and buildings in Maui, HI and surrounding areas, and now all the way to the Napa Valley. Keep reading below to see how we incorporated these features into this full automation installation.

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Lighting and Climate Control

Lighting has a significant impact on both the appearance and feel of an entire space. So with the winery, we aimed to bring in both comfort and elegance. This was done by installing both interior and exterior lighting throughout the landscape, from paths and walkways to patio and tree lighting. Inside, tasting rooms, kitchens, touring caves, and event or dining rooms had fixtures put into place as well.

Creating “scenes” for the lighting system has endless possibilities. With occupancy sensors or timed and scheduled events, employees can set the lights to come on in specific areas when someone enters a room or when a tasting is about to start – with just a push of a button.

Now the temperature in a winery has everything to do with the keeping and tasting of the wines being sampled. This smart component was crucial – so we installed a custom-designed hydronic loop heating and cooling system. This system reaches every space, but especially the tasting rooms and wine caves’ temperatures – while also handling the fermentation process that the winery will soon have on site. And if there is any change in temperature or an issue that arises, the system can immediately let the employees know.

Entertainment and Sound Systems

A winery need not only provide tastings but also can bring high-end entertainment and relaxing audio video for every guest to enjoy. Whether it’s for a private event or a public function, our team installed AV solutions throughout every area on the property, from the tasting rooms to the kitchens.

Meyers Sound Dual Mine Array speakers with standing loudspeakers and ceiling subwoofers created quality acoustic setups. Easily controlled through the Crestron SWAMP audio matrix system, users can set individual EQ parameters, and play songs or tunes in those designated audio zones or areas with ease.

The Crestron DM video matrix also distributes high-fidelity video and media content to any part of the winery with a screen. Video displays can host presentations or meetings, entertain guests in for an event, or let employees view captured security footage from the installed CCTV cameras.

Increased Security Solutions

Just as every commercial should be, we wanted to ensure the winery felt safe and secure at all times. We installed full monitor and control life safety systems in every area of the property. This included a kitchen exhaust, fire suppression, and CO2 level monitoring system in the wine caves. Employees can hear alerts on-site, and also through an app on their phone – so if any issue or emergency were to happen, they’d know instantaneously.

Unfortunately, intruders can also be a problem on any public site. Access control on all exterior doors will only read badges for entry and require after-hour validation. Access to different rooms and areas depending on the employee or guest can easily be changed in the system while viewing a floorplan layout – adjusting for time of day or each individual through surveillance cameras.

CCTV cameras set up around property let employees view time-stamped recorded footage both of the inside and outside of the winery. It’s easy to check in on high traffic areas or even the other more secluded spaces. With 33 Axis interior and Trendnet outdoor cameras in total, there isn’t a vulnerable spot on the property that won’t be caught on camera.

Overall Smart Control

The Crestron control system makes it easy for users to manage every component and feature of the smart automation system with zero hassle. With a customized user interface and centralized control, operating the winery’s integrated solutions never takes away from the beauty and delicacy of the space itself – which is what our client and CEDIA have recognized with this innovative installation.

Want to learn more about this award-winning project and see what our team at PAC can do for you? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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