Why Builders & Designers Need an Integrator on Lighting Projects

Work with PAC Hawaii on your next residential lighting design project in Maui for a better, cheaper, and faster installation

It’s no secret that homeowners increasingly view home automation systems as must-have features instead of nice extras. If you’re a developer or interior designer and you aren’t including smart security systems, whole home audio/video and similar elements in your work, you’re missing out on a substantial source of revenue.

One automation system many homeowners request is lighting control. It’s easy to see why: the convenience, aesthetic benefits and efficiency gains offered by lighting control systems make them extremely attractive. But these systems can be difficult to set up, as they often require specialized knowledge and a unique blend of skills your standard electrician doesn’t have.

That’s why you want an experienced technology integrator like Pacific Audio & Communications by your side on your next project. Today we’ll walk you through all the benefits of hiring PAC Hawaii for your upcoming residential lighting design projects in Maui, HI, whether you’re building a new home or doing a renovation.

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Time is money in any industry, and it’s particularly true in the home-building business. Whether you’re on a new construction project or a retrofit, you want to avoid costly last-minute changes. You don’t want to be ripping out drywall in a nearly finished home because a design element wasn’t accounted for, a fixture was installed incorrectly or something is off with the wiring.

You can avoid these potential pitfalls by working with us as soon as possible on a project, preferably as far back as the planning stages. This way, we work with you to achieve your customers’ vision while minimizing the chance of errors that may disrupt crucial work later. Not only will doing this lower your labor costs, you’ll also save money in materials because you won’t need to redo or touch up anything.


Time spent reconciling what your clients want in terms of their design with the practical technological details is time that could be better spent elsewhere. This is particularly true on larger projects and new constructions, though it comes up with retrofits as well. You have many other concerns when you’re trying to work on a building project; why not let us handle the technology portion? That way, we can focus on what we do best – designing and selecting fixtures, installing the wiring, programming the control system, etc. – while you focus on other aspects of your project.


The goal of everyone involved in a lighting design project, from the developers and designers to the contractors and buyers, is to create a beautiful, easy-to-use system. Bringing in an integrator like PAC Hawaii early on goes a long way toward helping that happen.

Hiring a lighting design expert in the early stages means we work with you and your clients to figure out the technology side of the project. If those ideas are incorporated into the process early, you can seamlessly blend the technology and design pieces without giving either side short shrift. Everybody goes home happy, with a smoother, less-expensive project as a bonus. To learn more, call our Maui office at 808-870-1619, fill out our online contact form, or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

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