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3 Unexpected Applications for Our Commercial Audio Video Systems

3 Unexpected Applications for Our Commercial Audio Video Systems

Pacific Audio & Communications Takes AV Installations to Breweries, Wineries and Beyond

If you own a business in Kaiula Kona, HI, or are interested in how other people operate theirs, we know you’ve heard about some of the benefits of commercial audio video installation. We’ve installed many corporate, restaurant and retail AV systems that have clients excited about boosting their customer base, upselling products, engaging employees and more.

But maybe you didn’t know how we could serve three markets that were untapped by AV updates for too long. Keep reading to find out some unexpected verticals we’ve reached, including the project that won us a CEDIA award.

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We recently crossed the ocean to help a Napa Valley winery reach its full potential with AV systems and automation. We brought smart security, climate control, audio, video, lighting and more together as we modernized Del Dotto’s sprawling, architectural space. We’re very proud to say that our ambitious Del Dotto Winery project earned us CEDIA’s “Best Innovative System or Solution” in 2019.

As you might expect, PAC automated Del Dotto’s famous winery with tasting room AV. Wineries also allow us to help behind the scenes, too. By automating the wine caves’ temperature controls, we can ensure wines are at the perfect settings during fermentation. And if there is any change in temperature or an issue that arises, the system immediately lets the employees know so that they can tend to the wine immediately.


No matter how distinctive your brews, you know that your business won’t thrive without good entertainment. Customers often think of breweries as a social event, but much like wineries, they want a slower, more laidback experience than they find in a crowded bar.

For many beer fans, that means they’d love to see live music. PAC designs AV for the sound stage, including power amplification to drive speakers, mixing capability to set levels, equalizer to control frequency output, output control to send different signals at different levels to monitors or to main speakers, and the ability to convert acoustic sound to an electronic signal. Breweries that sport their own PA equipment also benefit, as bands don’t have to charge you for having to bring their own.

Perhaps you have don’t have a sound stage, and even if you do, there’s no way for you to host non-stop live music. Just as we install AV systems for restaurants and bars, we can set up some speakers, music streaming services or TVs that can play back previous live music events. Many breweries opt out of the multiple-screens-for-watching-sports setup of the neighborhood bar, preferring a space to hold conversations or music. The good news is, your bar culture is your choice and within your control! Just tell PAC how we can help achieve your vision.

Hemp Manufacturing Facilities

It seems as though CBD and CBD-infused products are filling the shelves these days. Hemp is used in paper, food products, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, pet goods and more, so it’s no surprise that the industry keeps rising. In fact, according to Forbes, hemp production is projected to grow to 1.8 Billion by the year 2020, and The Hemp Business Journal expects that the CBD market will grow to 2.1 Billion by 2020.

Those managing a hemp manufacturing facility know that these plants require ideal circumstances to thrive and become high-quality products that you can sell. Climate control settings ensure that the temperature creates an ideal growing environment.

However, those same products that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate are also attractive to thieves who might break in and steal your plants. PAC can install complete production facility security, including remote access, sensors, alarms and smart locks.

Contact Us Today!

As you can see, there are few limits to what the experts at Pacific Audio and Communications team can custom design. We love any opportunity that combines our technical skills with our creativity. We’ll look at your business facility and discuss your needs and wants during our free consultation.

Want to learn more about our diverse projects and see what our team at PAC can do for you? Give us a call or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to speaking with you!

3 Commercial Automation Opportunities We Deliver
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