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3 Commercial Automation Opportunities We Deliver

3 Commercial Automation Opportunities We Deliver

Think Beyond Your Conference Room Automation!

As business owners, sometimes we inordinately focus on external factors when determining both current business success and scalability. For example, we might count the number of clients we have and how much they bring in, or how many business partners you might nab on your next trip. While these are all critical factors, it often pays to look at internal elements when you’re ready to scale.

An internal focus means ensuring that your employees have everything they need to succeed and grow your business. Is your conference room automation speedy or intuitive enough for your junior salesperson’s first video-conference presentation? Does your peer leader have a small, quiet area to start a breakout coaching session? Let’s look at three rooms that every Kailua Kona, HI, business needs to thrive in the new decade.

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Conference Room

Of course, we can’t fail to mention that we design and install conference room automation. That’s where you bring in large groups of clients to discuss important matters, host conference lunches or impress prospects. Your largest meeting spaces should handle all of your needs, and those shifting requirements might involve many moving parts. For example, you might need beamforming microphones to pick up more voices around the room, motorized shades to block ambient light from a projector screen or in-wall speakers to distribute your audio. PAC’s conference room installations have you covered when you need a room that impresses every time.

Conference rooms have their uses, but too many business owners overuse them for a lack of more suitable options. Below you’ll find a more efficient way to manage smaller groups.

Huddle Room

According to recent market trends identified by Frost & Sullivan, huddle rooms are projected to replace almost 70% of all meeting rooms by 2022. That’s because most groups that book a conference room are only 2-3 people, hardly the group size conference rooms are intended to hold.

Too small to be called a conference room and too business-oriented to be a break room, a huddle room is a private, break-out room, with some AV equipment, an intuitive control solution and a few chairs. It can serve as a welcome space for two or three employees who want to spend half an hour rehearsing a presentation but don’t want to book a conference room, or a quick discussion with a manager and employee that doesn’t require the privacy of an HR office. What could your business use a huddle room for instead of a conference room?

Network Operations Center

Do you need a dedicated staff to manage your company’s IT infrastructure? Many government agencies, public utilities, public universities and other businesses with complex networking needs employ a 24/7 team of engineers to monitor outages, network disruptions or other abnormalities across many servers. We can update your network operations center, or NOC, by automating alarms for the most critical alerts. Security is vital inside a room with that volume of confidential information and expensive equipment. We install security systems complete with access control to allow only authorized personnel inside, alongside alarms and surveillance cameras.

Contact Us Today!

As you can see, our expertise covers conference room setups, but we’re certainly not limited to them. When we consult with you, we can run through your office and talk about any unused rooms or unmet needs you may have.

Ready to provide the meeting areas that your employees need to maximize productivity? Give us a call or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to speaking with you!

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