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Bring The Night To Life With Outdoor Lighting


Learn How Lighting Sets The Mood and Creates Personalized Ambiance For Your Outdoor Entertaining 

Outdoor living spaces are a vital part of living here, the long tradition and the convenient luxury of blurring the line between nature and our interiors. Entertaining in your backyard is one of the great pleasures of homeownership. It is the space where we celebrate personal milestones, gather the gang to party, and decompress at the end of the day.  

Lighting has a remarkable effect on us, especially when we illuminate our outdoor spaces, spas, and pool areas. Installing fixtures outside involves more than lighting our way for safety and security. While the practical functions are helpful, it is the dramatic influence on our perceptions that give lighting a premier place in outdoor living solutions 

Are you ready to add the benefits and beauty of outdoor lighting to your Hawaii smart home? Read more below to find it can improve your home and lifestyle.  

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Set The Stage 

When you enter a room or step onto a lanai, what is the first thing you react to? Is it the decor, the furniture, or the landscape before you? All of these indeed pull for your attention, but it is the lighting, natural and electric, that shapes your perceptions of it all.   

Outdoor lighting is, at its heart, theatrical; like music, it generates an instinctive response. The elements and fixtures set the mood for dinner or create a sense of ambiance without obscuring the stars above. Setting the stage with light creates an atmosphere that you can control.  

Set The Mood With Color 

Tell a story by spotlighting specific features, silhouette topiary defining boundaries, and using graze techniques to highlight masonry and decorative elements. Accenting trees with shadows or simulating the light cast by the moon over them adds an inviting narrative. The possibilities are limitless.  

Introducing color adds interest, drama, alters our mood, and builds anticipation, especially around the pool. Liven up the party with mixtures of red, yellow, and green LED lights, stimulating the parts of our brain associated with pleasure. When is it time to relax and a calming sense to a space, add blues and violets, instilling a sense of tranquility and balance.  

Personalized Control 

The automation systems and interfaces should complement your idea of personalized illumination and the design and decor of your home. Both Crestron and Lutron are renowned for their reliability and stylish offerings in wall plates and wireless control.  

At the touch of a button, you can unveil the backyard to your guests, bring down the lights for a little stargazing, or adding some drama to the moment. A smart home lighting system also manages your daily needs by lighting up the pathways as the sun goes down or triggered by the security system 

Solutions for Outdoor Living 

Outdoor living is ingrained in our lifestyle here on the islands; adding outdoor lighting enhances the experience. Are you ready to bring more life to your nights?  

Reach out to Pacific Audio & Communications for a state-of-the-art home that will allow you to take full advantage of outdoor lighting. Connect with us today so you can discover why we are Hawaii's most trusted home lighting installer: We look forward to hearing from you! 

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