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Video Conferencing Solutions For The New Normal


Learn How To Improve Communication and Collaboration In a Hybrid Working Environment. 

Business runs on communication and collaboration; without these vital elements, growth and innovation stops. While it is evident that the ways we work have changed, the benefits of direct teamwork are more valid than ever.  

According to several business surveys, 67% of small to medium-sized companies expect remote work to be a continuing feature.  A majority of young workers and nearly half of middle age employees see the ability to work at least part-time remotely as very important. With this momentum, understanding and deploying video conferencing solutions is more important than ever.  

Are you ready to upgrade your conferencing systems to grow your Kailua Kona, HI business in the new normal? Read below to learn more. 

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Effective Communication 

You can have the best ideas, a presentation deck that concisely and convincingly sells the client, but if your audio is poor or the video is unstable, it is all for naught. Whether you are gathered in a huddle room or joining remotely, ensuring you and your pitch can be understood is critical.  

Be Heard  

Regardless of the platform, your company chooses to use, relying on microphones and speakers built into laptops is a recipe for trouble. Huddle rooms and conference spaces can incorporate ceiling speakers that ensure the audio reaches each part of the room with clarity.  Incorporating professional microphones, both external mounted and an array built into high-end conferencing modules, dramatically increases your intelligibility.  

The need for clear audio is especially true when conferencing from a remote location like your home. While proximity matters for microphones picking up voices, you do not need in-your-face podcast style.  Understanding the need for compact professional-sounding interfaces, many manufactures offer all-in-one tabletop solutions.   

When your sound is better, listeners interpret you as knowledgeable and authoritative.  

Visual Collaboration   

Ideas and concepts often need more than words to express their nuances. Including visual presentations and capturing the non-verbal responses of others goes a long way towards guaranteeing success.  

The addition of 4K cameras and displays means you never have to guess what a technical drawing on the screen shows. Sharing from different machines or remotely requires a system that seamlessly integrates BYOD devices, streaming content, and interactive whiteboard functions. Seeing other attendees allows you to recognize body language indicators such as confusion, concern, and concentration issues.  

The high-definition video provides you the assurance that your message is getting through.  

Are You Ready? 

The way we work has changed for good. Making the most out of conferencing solutions maximizes the work your teams do. Is your current infrastructure ready?   

Contact us by calling 808-320-8463 or filling out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. Find out why we are Hawaii’s most trusted commercial solutions company. We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

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