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Build an Atmosphere That Drives Sales with Landscape Lighting and AV


Make Your Maui Business Stand Out and Improve Client Retention

Your role in running a business holds many responsibilities - book-keeping, overseeing staff, and inventory. It’s a lot to juggle. In addition, you are always looking for ways to improve customer recognition and retention. One proven solution is to enhance the look and feel of your physical location with lights and sound.

Why do certain Hawaii businesses attract more clientele than others regardless of their product? How is it that when two similar establishments with the same quality service, one is always seen as more attractive? The answer usually lies in the atmosphere.

The look and sound of a place produce an emotional connection with people; it drives them to explore and to see and be seen. Making use of a landscape lighting designer and audio technicians who specialize in commercial applications improves the visibility and desirability of your business.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Maui, HI establishment? Read below to find more.

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The Pleasure Principal

The visual appeal of a store, restaurant, or hotel lobby directly impacts an individual’s conscience and subconscious response. You want every person who enters your venture to find it a pleasurable experience, generating evocative sensations. The environmental stimuli drive a desire to be a part of it and to purchase a feeling of ownership, however temporary.

Stimulating Illumination

Lighting generates the most immediate response. If the space appears overly dark or is lit with weak colors and has looming shadows, potential clients will see it as cold and uninviting. Outdoor lighting can produce a lush and welcoming atmosphere connecting to individuals’ feelings of excitement and intrigue. It also translates into a more energetic staff which persuades clients to spend more time and money.

Creative illumination instills drama, the theatrical tools used to keep you on the edge of your seat also make your establishment stand out. Highlighting architectural features and foliage give texture and depth to a storefront, while colors influence feelings of excitement and vibrancy or create a soothing vibe.

The Sound of Sales

The sound of a space has a significant impact on your client’s perceptions. Music that is too loud or not loud enough produces a sense of anxiety, shortening their initial stay and keeping them from visiting again. Regardless of the type of music you play, the sound system you install should be reliable and flexible.

Very few spaces are entirely single use or serve the same purpose over the entire floor space. A restaurant needs the ability to create a more subtle ambiance in the private dining room, while the main floor requires a more robust approach. Zoned systems enable you to precisely cover the areas of your lobby, retail store, or dining area with the music the suits them best.

Bring Better Business, Today

The first impressions of your business can make or break your success and growth. Now is the time to invest in lighting and audio that stimulate the senses. Invoke a feeling of belonging and desire to attract more people, generate more sales and create a dedicated clientele.

Are you ready to make your business more attractive to potential customers? Connect with us today so you can discover why we are Hawaii's most trusted commercial lighting and audio installer: We look forward to hearing from you!

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